Founded in Brazil, expanding in Europe

Vurdere started in 2018, on a mission to bring 100 million expert friends to help shopper be more satisfied with their purchases. In 2021, the European office opened in Amsterdam.

A team of experts who love AI 

The tech team is based in Brazil. Sales and customer support in 2021 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Ana Montoro Cano

Marketing graduated and Master in digital Concept Art and illustration. Always looking for efficient, fresh and innovative ways to communicate concepts through visual design.


Sebastiano Giuliani

Corporate communication and marketing master degree in Milan. Curious about digital and business innovations. Helping Vurdere to explore and capture the Italian market.

Marketing & Business Developer

Michel Machado

Bachelor of Software Engineering in Progress. Always aiming the best way to help Vurdere develop a social and interactive e-commerce.

Front-end Engineer

Bruno Belloni

Passionate about Software Development and undergraduate in Computer Science. I'm Helping Vurdere to transform E-commerces into social networks.

Backend Engineer

Carlos Santana

Computer Science by degree, Project Management specialist. I'm a Scrum Master who serves the Scrum Team and Vurdere.

Scrum Master

Olga Mateo Navarro

Engineer in Product Design and Master in Business Administration (Global MBA) & Marketing at Salamanca, helping Vurdere to leave its footprint in the Spanish market.

Marketing & Business Developer

Koen Hoogendoorn

Lawyer and historian by degree, creator and analyst by passion. Driven by a continuous desire of creativity and progress, I am helping Vurdere to conquer the Dutch market.

Business and Legal Analyst

Jaime de Toledo

Curious about and admirer of the human need to belong; 15 years working with the mix of creativity, tech and Social CRM.

Founder and CEO 

Daniel Pisano

Serial entrepreneur with a track record of successful start-ups in Brazil and US.

Partner and Chief Growth Officer

Filipe Teodoro

Delivering the best user experience to Vurdere Social+ making it clean and beautiful.

Product Designer

Julio Sgarbi

Always looking for new ways of bringing the processing power as close as possible to users without exposing any secret sauce.

Partner and Lead Frontend Engineer

Raul Mangolin

Full-stack developer and turning e-commerce into vibrant communities with Python.

Partner and Lead Backend Engineer

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