At last, a social shopping experience that drives conversion

  • Reviews show social profiles
  • Users see relevant reviews
  • Shoppers engage and buy

Vurdere Social+™ in five simple plug-ins

Plug-ins to the product detail page enable shoppers to opt in with their social profiles to enjoy a more personalized and engaging experience.

The most relevant reviews for each shopper

Shoppers see reviews from friends or people most like them to increase trust  and chance they willwrite a review.

  • 10x more reviews
  • Social profile visible on each review
  • Welcomes (micro) influencers

Products get a fan base

Shoppers give quick input on a product - Like, Want or Have. Others see their reaction and social profile to help them decide whether to buy.

  • Creates social "buzz" around product
  • Encourages others to opt-in with their social profile

Product recos tailored to each shopper

Product recommendations personalized for each shopper, combining the best review with the reviewer most like them
  • 3x higher click through
  • Most relevant review

Traffic boost is icing on the cake

All the user-generated content is readily available to be indexed to boost search engine optimization.
  • Index higher in search results
  • +18% organic clicks
  • Bring in much more traffic
  • Save money on paid impressions

Share reviews with your stakeholders

The eCommerce gets automatically more reviews by sharing them with marketplaces, eSellers, and other sales channels.
  • Each platform and channel
  • Automatic translation

A snap to install and maintain

We adjust the PDP design for you, add the code, customize the review options and moderate reviews using our AI tool
Automatic moderation
Installation in 2 hours
GDPR  compliant
For all ecom platforms
Migration of old reviews
Much More
3m shoppers
have opted in to the Vurdere experience on 10 ecom sites
average conversion increase on product pages
estimated additional annual revenue by 6 clients
“Why did I review that printer on Carrefour? Because I was excited to share my input with  shoppers on the page, many of whom follow me on Insta."
Anabelle P.
Micro influencer in Brazil
“I loved my avatar alongside my review and being able to see what the another reviewer liked on Facebook. It gives  more credibility to the reviews, and the product I'm buying.”
Renata S.
Product Manager
“I always look at the reviews before I buy. Seeing a reviewer's avatar and the likes we have in common make me trust their review -  I can identify with them. If it were a friend of mine or a friend of a friend, even better.”
Marcelo B.
Front-End Engineer