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CASE: Vurdere & CentralAr

The online market is becoming increasingly competitive, and it is crucial for stores to adopt techniques to stand out. The case of CentralAr is an example of this.

Despite being a leader and reference in the air conditioning sales segment, with over 33 years of experience, the company still faced challenges and needed an increase in sales, as well as an improvement in its review platform and customer service. It was for this reason that, in early 2022, CentralAr entered into a partnership with Vurdere, which has been a success ever since.

History of the Partnership

"We were looking for a modern and technological tool that would combine good usability for customers to write reviews and bring more engagement and visibility to new audiences, instilling confidence in those browsing the website. When reading a review, they should feel represented by the content, helping them make a decision to purchase the product.

We decided to partner with Vurdere due to the trust conveyed by their sales and technical team throughout the negotiation and presentation of features and functionalities. We were also aligned with Vurdere's vision for future technological advancements, as well as the integration with the customer's social network.

We started the partnership by implementing the Social Expressions and Social Reviews tools. These tools not only allow customers to evaluate the purchased product and ask questions, which we can directly answer within the platform but also enable them to mark that they already own or would like to own the product. All of this is seamlessly integrated with their social network, where the algorithm identifies other customers with similar profiles browsing the same product and displays recommendations with the closest match. The implementation of these tools was transparent to the user, without any issues that hindered the project's progress. Moreover, the Vurdere technical team was extremely efficient from start to finish.

The experience provided by Vurdere, involving comments and reviews within the social network, generates great engagement and security for customers. It highlights the strengths of each product and the customer's experience with

We have been in partnership for almost two years now, and it is impressive how Vurdere always seeks to innovate, improve the tools, and present these improvements in a simple and clear manner to us. It is also worth noting that their result presentations are very effective in showcasing the progress of reviews, comments, and customer engagement, all accompanied by excellent customer service!"– Pedro Augusto Lopes | Innovation Coordinator

Vurdere Solutions

With the aim of improving the user experience and boosting online sales, Vurdere then implemented its solutions on the CentralAr platform. These solutions have the primary goal of creating an engaged community within their brand and leveraging sales through Social Feeling. The implemented solutions were:

  • Social expressions: The ideal space for customers to share their reviews and interact with each other was created. It includes a simple registration process, buttons with desire reactions to showcase social proof, and displays likes and common interests among users.

  • Social reviews: Users make better purchasing choices when they find relevant reviews from people they know or who have similar tastes. Social Reviews displays user reviews prioritized by AI for each buyer, ensuring that they have access to the most relevant and personalized feedback.

  • Social Displays: People tend to embrace suggestions from automation tools that understand their preferences and buying patterns. Social Displays showcases personalized product recommendations for each buyer, utilizing advanced AI. techniques to increase cross-selling and upselling opportunities on your product page.

  • Social SEO: By increasing interactions and traffic to your store, you can elevate your brand to the top of search engines.

  • Social Ring: Online shoppers seek security, and sellers need to provide it. Ensure a smooth and efficient purchasing process by cross-referencing reviews from other e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and sellers of the same product. This helps build trust and reassurance for customers.



With the start of the partnership, CentralAr began to observe the benefits of the Vurdere solution on its platform, particularly in terms of user engagement. In the first month of the partnership, Vurdere successfully attracted a significant number of new users to the CentralAr website. Since then, CentralAr has experienced continuous growth in acquiring new customers, as shown in the graph below.

Percentage increase compared to the first month of user acquisition on the CentralAr website.

The above graph illustrates the impressive increase in the number of users acquired by CentralAr since the beginning of the partnership with Vurdere. We can observe a steady month-to-month growth, highlighting the power of social proof and engagement generated by implementing Vurdere's solutions. As more users are attracted to the platform, more reviews and interactions are generated. This results in a positive cycle of increasing customer confidence, influencing their purchasing decisions, and encouraging other users to share their experiences.

These interactions between "Users x Company" enrich the customer experience by providing valuable information for prospective buyers and reinforcing CentralAr's reputation in the air conditioning market. The success of this partnership demonstrates the positive impact of Vurdere's solutions in driving user engagement, generating more authentic reviews, and creating a trustworthy environment for online shopping.

With continuous growth and an increasingly engaged customer base, CentralAr continues to reap the benefits of social proof and the steady increase in reviews and reactions on the platform.


Regarding conversion, the following data was captured from October 2022 to March 2023, demonstrating the effectiveness of the successful partnership between Vurdere and CentralAr.

  • CentralAr achieved a return on investment (ROI) of 521 times.

  • The incremental revenue represented by Vurdere accounted for 10.29%.

Additionally, customers who interact with Vurdere have an average conversion rate 2.16 times higher than those who do not engage with the tool. Vurdere is accessed in 11.55% of the sessions on the CentralAr online store. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the Vurdere solution in improving conversion rates in CentralAr's online store and highlights its significance in the consumer's purchasing decision.


In summary, Vurdere's solutions can significantly influence the conversion rate of online stores, increasing customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value (LTV). CentralAr is an example of how implementing these solutions can leverage results for e-commerce companies. Below is a summary of the key figures achieved by Vurdere in partnership with CentralAr:

By selecting the right solutions and implementing them strategically, companies can better meet the needs and expectations of their customers and gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing market. If you want to follow in the footsteps of CentralAr, improving the customer experience in your online store and achieving a significant increase in your conversion rate, click here and request a demo.

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