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Terms of Service

Updated 16/06/2019


Vurdere’sreview platform allows you to engage with consumers, collect feedback andgather insights - giving you the tools to drive better consumer experiences.Our mission is to be a universal symbol of trust and our platform is built onopenness and collaboration among our users. That’s why before using ourservices we ask that you read these terms of use and sale for businesses (whichwe will simply refer to as the “terms” going forward) so that you understandwhat we expect from you - and also what you can expect from us.


Whether youwant to use Vurdere for free or use our paid services, you’ll need to acceptthese terms so that it’s clear what each other’s legal rights and obligationsare. Your access and use of our services is, at all times, conditional on youagreeing to these terms. So, if at any time you do not agree with, or cannotcomply with, these terms, you must not access or use any of our services.


You agree to these terms by doing one or more of the following: (a) clicking a box orbutton confirming that you agree to these terms (or a similar confirmation);(b) signing or accepting a quote, order form or similar document which refersto these terms; (c) paying or accepting an invoice for a subscription to ourpaid services; or (d) claiming a business profile page or accessing or usingany of our services.


If you have questions about Vurdere, check out our Support Center. And if you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can reach out to us at


Just so you know, words or expressions defined in “quotation marks” have the same meaning seach time they are used in these terms.


Joining and using Vurdere

In thissection we explain how to access and use our services and subscribe to our paidservices.


You and Vurdere:When we say “you” or “your”, we mean the entity or business that you represent.When we say “Vurdere”, “we”, “our” or “us”, we mean the Vurdere entity that youcontract with as stated in section 60 of these terms. When we say “affiliate”we mean, with regard to a party, an entity or firm, controlling, controlled by,or under common control, whether directly or indirectly, with that party.


Ourplatform: when we say our “platform” we mean our review platform hosted at,any sub-domain, sub-directory, similar website or app operated by us.


Ourservices: Our “services” consist of the Vurdere business account, the review services,and any other services that we provide now or in the future, as may bedescribed in any quote, order form, invoice or other commercial documents orcommunications that we provide, or on our platform (“commercial materials”).


Businessprofile page: If you want access to our services, then you or someone on yourbehalf needs to claim a business profile page on our platform (sometimes alsocalled a company profile page).


Free plan:By claiming a business profile page, you will be given access to a businessaccount, through which you can use all of the services provided in our freeplan. You may use these services unless and until your business account isdeleted by you or access to it is terminated by us.


Subscriptions:If you subscribe to one or more services that are not included in our free plan(a “subscription”), then you will also be able to access these services throughyour business account. The following points will also apply to you:


Subscriptionperiod: Most subscriptions run for 12 months, but the specific duration of yoursubscription (“subscription period”) will be listed in the commercial materialsthat are issued or presented to you when you agree to purchase thatsubscription.

Subscriptionrenewals: At the end of each subscription period, your subscription willautomatically renew for a further subscription period unless we have agreedsomething different with you in your quote, order form or similar document, oryou or we terminate your subscription - see the Termination and suspensionsection. If your subscription is not renewed, you will still have access to theservices provided in our free plan.

Subscriptionrenewal pricing: If we make any changes to the non-discounted price of yoursubscription, we’ll inform you at least 45 days before the next renewal date ofyour subscription period, which is when the new price will take effect. If wehave given you a discount to our normal subscription prices, this discount mayend when your subscription renews.

Domains:You promise that you own or have an exclusive right to operate the domain(s)that you use our systems and services for.


Sendinginvitations to your consumers: If you use our review invitation service, youwill be treated as the sender of each invitation sent - not us. So, it is yourresponsibility alone to make sure that the invitations that you send (or thatwe send on your behalf) using our services meet all applicable legal andregulatory requirements, and comply with the guidelines.

Inparticular, you confirm that the content of each invitation will be legal, andthat you will have all the rights, permissions and consents required for yourinvitations to be sent in compliance with applicable privacy laws.


Sendinginvitations to your consumers outside of our platform: Where you display orsend review invitations outside of our platform (for example, where you createand send review invitation links yourself or direct consumers to write reviewson your business profile page), you agree that you are accessing and using ourservices - and agree to promptly provide information and access for Vurdere toaudit your compliance with these terms and our guidelines. For example, we mayask for you to provide us with information about your invitation process,including how and when you send review invitations or direct consumers to yourbusiness profile page, the templates you use and provide random anonymisedexamples of invitations. This section will apply even if you do not have abusiness account or a claimed business profile page, as you may still bedisplaying or sending review invitations outside of our platform.


Businessaccount: You take responsibility for fully controlling who administrates andcan access your business account, how it is managed and how you use ourservices. For example:


You controlaccess to your business account. You decide who is allowed to use and accessthe services available through your business account (“authorised users”) andwhat kind of access each of those authorised users has. You can change or stopthat access at any time.

You’reresponsible for all your authorised users’ activity and their use of ourservices.

You promisethat you’ll keep your information (including a current email address) up todate.

You’reresponsible for providing true, accurate and complete information.

You’re alsoresponsible for protecting your username and password from getting stolen ormisused.

User rolesand access: You should make sure to understand the permissions you’re grantingto your authorised users. Each authorised user that you add to your businessaccount must also accept these terms in order to use our services. If you’dlike to read more about user roles and levels of access, check out theinformation on our Support Center.


Your keyresponsibilities: You must only use our services for the domains whose businessprofile pages have been claimed by you or on your behalf (“claimed domains”)and in accordance with your applicable subscription, if any. You agree to useour services only for lawful business purposes and in line with our guidelines.


Guidelines:When accessing or using our services, you agree to respect and follow ourguidelines, policies and codes on designated for businessesand for everyone (and any other guidance referred to in these terms)(“guidelines”). Please read them and make sure you understand what you shouldand shouldn’t do. These guidelines are very important because they outline,among other things, how you should (and shouldn’t) use our services. Much of itwill be common sense and is designed to ensure we keep our platform a fair andtrusted place for consumer reviews.


What weown: We own everything we’ve put into our services except content owned byothers, like the reviews on our platform which are owned by the reviewers whowrote them and any data you provide us when sending invitations to yourconsumers. Our ownership includes rights in the design, compilation, and lookand feel of our services. It also includes rights in all copyrighted works,trademarks, designs, inventions, and other intellectual property. You agree notto copy, distribute, modify or make derivative works of any of our content oruse any of our intellectual property rights in any way not expressly permittedby us. This means you are not allowed to use our logos, graphics, andtrademarks (“brand marks”) or any other content on our platform like scores andreviews unless we specifically say you are authorised to use them.


Usergenerated content: Any review, reply to a review, image or other contentcreated by or originating from you, any consumer or other user of our servicesis what we call “user generated content”. Where user generated content iscreated by or originates from you, you allow us to use it and make it availableforever without restriction or payment to you - and you also promise that youhave the right to allow us to do that. Unless user generated content is removedby us for violating our guidelines, or removed by its author, all usergenerated content will remain publicly displayed on our services, our platformand any third-party services and networks (like Google) even after yoursubscription has ended or you delete your business account.


Feedback:We appreciate any feedback from you about our services and may use it foreverwithout restriction or payment to you.


VurdereLabs or beta services: Occasionally we may offer access to time-limitedservices or features that have not yet been released by us as a final productto the market – for example, a beta service. Because of the nature of theseservices, if you choose to use them, you use them at entirely your own risk.


Problemsand support: If you have a problem, we have support articles available throughour Support Center that should help you with most situations. If you’ve triedour Support Center and still need help, you can find more information aboutonline support for our services from our support team by contacting them Depending on the services you subscribe to, you may alsohave access to the Customer Success team who can provide additionalinformation.


Impartiality:We love businesses using us to share, hear, and learn from their consumersthrough our role as an online intermediary. Your use of our services and thebrand marks is not an approval, endorsement or recommendation by us of eitheryou or your products or services. So you must not market yourself or givepublic declarations to that effect. Nothing in these terms is to be interpretedas constituting a partnership, joint venture, employment or agency relationshipbetween you and us.


Display ofnames, logos, and reviews:


When youcreate a business account and use our services you allow us to use your nameand logo on our websites and as a part of a general list of customers for useand reference in corporate, promotional and marketing material.

During youruse of our services, you may display reviews of your business and our brandmarks on your claimed domains, so long as you follow our guidelines, includingthe guidance provided by us on our Support Center - and only if you use thedesigns, widgets, images and functionality that we make available to you inyour business account.

Any otheruse or display of our brand marks or content on Vurdere, including in offlineor online advertising, is only permitted with our advance written consent. Wereserve the right to revoke your use of our brand marks at any time if we findyour use to be in violation of our guidelines.


Don’ts:While we can’t cover everything here, here are some important examples ofthings you must never do:


Underminethe security or integrity of our platform.

Use ourplatform or services in any way that might impair functionality or interferewith other people’s use.

Access ourplatform or services without permission.

Introduceor upload anything to our platform or services that includes a virus or othermalicious code.

Write,submit or procure fake reviews.

Anythingthat may be misleading, offensive, violates any law, infringes on the rights ofothers or does not comply with our guidelines.

Modify,copy, adapt, reproduce, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or extract thesource code of any part of our platform or services.

Resell,transfer, licence, lease or provide our services in any way not expresslypermitted through our services.

Repackage,resell, or sublicense any data accessed through our platform or services.

Commitfraud or other illegal acts through our platform or services.

Act in amanner that is abusive or disrespectful to a Vurdere employee, partner, user,or other Vurdere customer. We will not tolerate any abuse or bullying of our Vurdereemployees in any situation and that includes interaction with our supportteams.


To helpmake your experience of our services even more powerful, our ecosystem includesintegrations to products and services made available by other businesses (forexample, e-commerce platforms).


Otherservices: To help you maximise the potential of our services we understand youmay want to use data, products and services of other businesses (which we call“third-party products”) and connect them with our platform and services. We mayhelp streamline that process for you by making available integrations tothird-party products, such as Magento or Hootsuite, for you to use. Thesecompanies may have additional terms and conditions that apply to you and thoseterms and conditions shall cover your use of the third-party products, notthese terms. Any third-party providing a third-party product is a “third-partyprovider” and is independent of us, so be aware that a third-party provider mayalso charge you fees in addition to what you pay us.


Third-partyterms and descriptions: Third-party products are subject to terms andconditions and privacy notices set by their providers. These likely include howthe providers will use the data that you make available to them. Thedescriptions of third-party products that we publish, and any associated links,have been provided to us by the providers. While we make reasonable efforts tocheck the accuracy of those descriptions, the providers are solely responsiblefor them. We don’t endorse or assume any responsibility for third-partyproducts and are not liable to you in respect of them.


Pricing andPayments

Unlessyou’re using our free plan or on a free trial, you’ll need to pay to access anduse our services. The price and any other terms that are specific to you areexplained when you agree to purchase our services.


Trials: Wemay offer you a trial of some of our services. After the trial period, we willremove your access to those services. If you want to continue using thoseservices after the trial, you’ll need a subscription.


Vurderesubscriptions: We offer our business users access to our free plan which allowsthe use of a wide range of Vurdere services. But to access the majority of ourservices, we require you to pay for one of the many subscriptions we offer. Thesubscription pricing may vary by region. The price and any other terms that arespecific to your subscription are set out in the commercial materials that youaccept when you agree to purchase that subscription.


Discounts:Any price discounts listed on a quote, order form or similar only apply for thesubscription period specified on it, and we aren’t obliged to continue offeringthat discount for successive subscription periods.


No refundsor credit: Unless we’ve specifically stated elsewhere in these terms, we willnot owe you any refund or credit if you or we terminate your subscription inaccordance with these terms.


Taxes foryour use of our services: Our prices are stated exclusive of taxes. You’reresponsible for paying all other external fees and taxes associated with youruse of our services wherever levied, including value added tax, sales tax orother similar charges if they apply.


Importanceof timely payments: In order to continue accessing the services included inyour subscription, you need to make timely payments based on the price of thesubscription you selected. Unless your subscription order details say somethingelse, the fees for each subscription period are owed to us upfront - and if wehave issued an invoice to you, you must pay that within the number of days setout in the invoice. To avoid delayed or missed payments, please make sure wehave accurate payment information. If we don’t receive timely payments, we maysuspend, or even end, your access to our services - see the Termination andsuspension section.


Privacy anddata use

We mayreceive and process personal data relating to your consumers and yourauthorised users, which we cover in this section. Please also read our DataProcessing Agreement and CCPA supplement which are an important part of theseterms, and privacy policy - all of which provide more detail of how we handlepersonal data.


Privacylaws: We each agree to comply with all applicable data protection and privacylaws and regulations, including without limitation Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of27 April 2016 (the General Data Protection Regulation) (the “GDPR”) and theCalifornia Consumer Privacy Act (the “CCPA”).


Invitationdata: When you send (or we send on your behalf) invitations to your consumersasking them to write a review on our platform about your services and/or yourproducts, we are providing “review invitation services” to you. If the type of reviewinvitation services we provide to you requires us to receive or process anypersonal data relating to those consumers (“invitation data”) before theysubmit a review on our platform in response to an invitation, then:


thesereview invitation services will be provided to you:


by VurdereA/S if your contract is with Vurdere A/S; or

by VurdereInc. if your contract is with Vurdere Inc. (however, any data processing inconnection with its provision of the review invitation services is subcontractedto Vurdere A/S which will deliver that to you on Vurdere Inc.’s behalf),

providedthat, regardless of which entity provides the review invitation services, VurdereA/S will at all times be the sole entity within the Vurdere group which hasdecision-making authority over, and determines the purposes and means ofprocessing, invitation data;


our DataProcessing Agreement will apply to this processing activity;

to theextent that we, as a service provider to you, receive personal information (asdefined in the CCPA) from you about your consumers who are residents of theState of California in the United States, the CCPA supplement (which is part ofthese terms) will apply to you in addition to our Data Processing Agreement;and

you confirmthat you will have all the rights, permissions and consents required byapplicable privacy laws to provide us with the invitation data.

Otherpersonal data: Personal data we collect about your authorised users or otherpeople who represent you (including your employees) in connection with creatingand administering your business account, providing customer services to you, orsigning-up for our services and using them, will be handled by us in accordancewith our privacy policy.



Security issomething we take seriously and you should too! You can read all about ourpractices in our Support Center. We do what we can to keep your data secure butwe need your cooperation to protect our services and your data.


Playingyour part to keep your data secure: You have an important part to play bykeeping your login details secure, not letting any other person use them, andby making sure you have strong security on your own systems. If you realisethere’s been any unauthorised use of your password or any breach of security toyour account or email address linked to your account, you need to let us knowimmediately. You also agree not to use free-form fields in any of Vurdere’ssystems or services to store personal data, (unless it’s a field explicitlyasking for personal data - like a first name or last name).


We takereasonable precautions to protect your confidential information and expect thatyou’ll do the same for ours.


Keeping itconfidential: While using our services, you may share confidential informationwith us, and you may become aware of confidential information about us. You andwe both agree to take reasonable steps to protect the other party’sconfidential information from being accessed by unauthorised individuals, entitiesor other third-parties. You or we may share each other’s confidentialinformation with legal, governmental or regulatory authorities if required todo so, or if required by law. We may also share your information on a similarconfidential basis with the other companies in our group, our advisers,auditors and financiers, and any third parties carrying out due diligence onour business. Information will not be considered confidential if the recipientof the information already knew the information and it was not subject toconfidential treatment, or the information is publicly available (but not as aresult of a breach of this confidentiality section).

Terminationand suspension

Thissection explains when your subscription and/or access to our services can beterminated or suspended.


Yourtermination rights:

If you havea subscription:


If youdon’t want your subscription to automatically renew for any reason: If youdon’t want your subscription to automatically renew at the end of asubscription period, you’ll need to tell us that by emailing support@Vurdere.comat least 30 days before the end of your current subscription period.


Even afteryou’ve told us, you’ll still have access to the services included in yoursubscription for the remainder of the current subscription period. If youhaven’t already paid, you will still be responsible for paying all subscriptionfees for the whole of the current subscription period. Once your subscriptionperiod has ended, you will still have access to the services provided in ourfree plan.


Terminatingyour subscription immediately because of our material breach: You may terminateyour subscription immediately if:


wematerially breach any of these terms and do not remedy the breach within 14days after receiving notice of the breach from you; or


wematerially breach any of these terms and the breach cannot be remedied.


If youterminate your subscription because of our material breach, you willimmediately lose access to the services included in your subscription, but youwill still have access to the services provided in our free plan. You won’t geta refund or credit for anything you have already paid - but if there are anysubscription fees for the remaining part of the subscription period that havenot yet become payable, then you won’t need to pay us those fees.


If you areon our free plan:


Deletingyour business account and stopping use of our services: Other than sections ofthese terms which survive termination (see the Survival section), these termswill immediately terminate if you stop using our services and delete yourbusiness account.


Keep inmind that, whether you terminate your subscription or delete your businessaccount, these terms will still apply to anything that happened before youterminated.


Ourtermination and suspension rights:

If you havea subscription:


If we don’twant to renew your subscription for any reason: We can terminate yoursubscription at the end of any subscription period by giving you at least 30days’ notice before it ends.


You’llstill have access to the services included in your subscription for theremainder of the current subscription period - and, if you haven’t alreadypaid, you will still be responsible for paying all subscription fees for thewhole of the current subscription period.


Immediatetermination by Vurdere: Vurdere may also terminate your subscription or accessto your business account or all or any of our services immediately if:


youmaterially breach any of these terms and do not remedy the breach within 14days after receiving notice of the breach; for example, writing reviews on yourown business profile page, procuring fake reviews, misusing the reviewreporting functionality in your business account, inviting consumers to writereviews in a biased way, or using the brand marks to mislead consumers;


youmaterially breach any of these terms and the breach cannot be remedied;


you fail topay the full amount of your subscription on time;


you becomeinsolvent or go into liquidation or have a receiver or manager appointed overany of your assets, you make any arrangement with your creditors, or becomesubject to any similar insolvency event in any jurisdiction;


if your useof our services poses a security risk to our platform; or


in ourdiscretion we determine that your business values or core beliefs are inconflict with ours.


If youhaven’t already paid, you will still be responsible for paying all subscriptionfees for the whole of the current subscription period (except when we’veterminated because your business values or core beliefs conflicted with ours,in which case we’ll refund the portion of the subscription fee that you’veprepaid for the remaining part of your subscription period).


Suspension:We may suspend all or part of your access and use of our platform and/orservices:


if in ourdiscretion we think that you are in breach of these terms;


if in ourdiscretion we think you have breached the guidelines, for example, afterreceiving a warning you continue to misuse the review reporting functionalityor amend your company profile in a way we think misleads or may deceiveconsumers;


if you failto pay the full amount of your subscription on time; or


if in ourdiscretion we think your use of our services poses a security risk to our platform.


You willremain responsible for all subscription fees incurred during the period ofsuspension and you will not be entitled to any refund or credit.


If you areon our free plan:


Immediatetermination or suspension for any reason: We can terminate or suspend access toyour business account and/or all or any of our services immediately at any timeand for any reason.

For allusers, whether you are on our free plan or have a subscription:


Whether weterminate your subscription or access to your business account, these termswill still apply to anything that happened before we terminated.

Liabilityand indemnity

Thissection is important as it outlines responsibility and liability between us andyou, so we urge you to read it closely and in full.












Youindemnify us: You will pay us and each of our affiliates on demand the amountof all losses, costs (including legal costs), expenses, demands or otherliabilities (whatever their nature and whether or not they are avoidable orforeseeable) that we or our affiliates incur or suffer arising out of, or inconnection with:


athird-party claim against us (or any of our affiliates) relating to your use ofour services or any content you provide (such as the review invitations sent toyour consumers or your user generated content); and


a claimagainst us (or any of our affiliates) by you and/or any of your affiliates(and/or any of your or your affiliates’ officers, directors, employees,contractors, agents, shareholders) related to user generated content.



Thissection outlines how disputes may be resolved.


Disputeresolution: Most of your concerns can be resolved quickly and to everyone’ssatisfaction by contacting us through If you and we arenot able to resolve the issue, you and we agree to bring claims only in thecourts of general jurisdiction in the applicable venue listed in section 60.


Please takea look over these additional terms.


Noprofessional advice: Vurdere isn’t in the business of giving any kind ofprofessional advice. We may provide you with information we think might beuseful, like our template suggestions for the review invitations you send toyour consumers or the insights and analytics you access through your businessaccount, but this should not be seen as advice and we aren’t liable for youruse of the information or the conclusions you make from it.


Changes tothese terms: We can make changes to these terms from time to time. We’ll try tolet you know of material changes beforehand if we can - unless we need to makethose changes immediately for reasons outside our control, like a change inlaw. If a change isn’t material, we may not notify you. The new terms will notapply retrospectively to your use of our services before the terms changed, butthe new terms will immediately apply to you without any further acceptance,confirmation or action by you. You can keep track of changes to our terms byreferring to the version and the date last updated written at the top of theterms.


Changes toour services: We may change or discontinue one or more of our services fromtime to time in our discretion. If we make material changes to thefunctionality of one of our services, you can contact us and, in ourdiscretion, we’ll either refund the portion of the subscription fee for thatservice that you’ve prepaid for the remaining part of your subscription period- or give you credit that you can use during the remaining part of yoursubscription period towards other services that we provide.


Eventsoutside our control: We do our best to control what we can. We or ouraffiliates aren’t liable to you for any failure or delay in performance of anyof our obligations under these terms arising out of any event or circumstancebeyond our reasonable control.


Notices:Any notice you send to Vurdere must be sent to Unless wesay otherwise in these terms, any notices we send to you will be sent to theemail address you’ve provided to us through your business account.


Blockingyour access, disabling your subscription, or refusing to process a payment: Asour sites are global, different laws may apply in different countries thatrestrict our relationship with you. We may block your access, terminate yoursubscription, or refuse to process a payment if we reasonably believe there’s arisk - like a potential breach of a law or regulation - associated with you,your business, your subscription, or a payment. Examples of where we might dothis include transactions where the payment is from a sanctioned person orcountry; or where we reasonably believe there is a legal or regulatory issue.You promise that you’re not located in a sanctioned country and are not on asanctioned persons list. We may also stop users or business accounts from acountry if we can’t receive payments from that country. You should check whatpayment methods are available in your country for making payments. We may takeany of these actions without notice.


Transfer:We may assign, transfer or sub-contract any of our rights or obligations inthese terms to any other entity or firm in our discretion. You may assign,transfer or subcontract your rights and/or obligations, but only with ouradvance written consent. Any change in the direct or indirect control of thedomains receiving our services (by selling them or otherwise) will be treatedas a transfer by you that requires our advance written consent.


Survival:Any section or part of a section that, by its nature, is stated or intended tosurvive expiry or termination of these terms will continue to apply to you andus even after the terms are terminated (including the Liability and indemnitysection).


Entireagreement: When you agree to these terms, they (and any commercial materialsregarding your current subscription, if any) constitute the entire agreementbetween you and us in relation to its subject matter and supersede anything wemay have previously discussed or agreed.


Language:All communications and notices made under these terms must be in English. If weprovide a translation of these terms, the English language version will takeprecedence.


Enforcementof terms: If there’s any part of these terms that either you or we are legallyunable to enforce, that part will be ignored but everything else will remainenforceable.


Interpretation:Words like ‘include’, ‘like’, and ‘for example’ are not words of limitation andwhere anything is within our discretion we mean our sole discretion.


Ourcontracting entities; law and venue: Our contracting entities are listed belowalong with what law and venue apply in any dispute between you and us, unlessnotified otherwise in commercial materials provided to you when you sign up. Ifyou’re contracting from a region outside of the UK, EU, or US, we will notifyyou of the entity you’re contracting with on the commercial materials weprovide to you when you sign up.


Region: Europe

Entity: VurdereB.V.

Registrationnumber: 82102449

Address: Keizersgracht482 1017 EG Amsterdam Netherlands

Law: Netherlands

Venue: Netherlands


© 2021 Vurdere,BV. All rights reserved.

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