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Black Friday Deal:

Increase Conversion by 300% by Trying This FOR FREE (limited availability!)

By VURDERE Team | 21st of October, 2021

Black Friday

Black Friday is coming up! The start of the most hectic, and profitable period of the year in the eCommerce sphere. Of course, you want the conversion rates on your product pages to be as high as possible for Black Friday. This is exactly what we can bring with VURDERE Social+™. We believe so much in our solution, that because of Black Friday we offer our plugins for you to try for free for two months. Please get in touch with us within 10 working days to claim your free pilot for two months, no strings attached. We take care of the installation and the moderation, and after the two months we will present the results of our plugins.


By now, we are probably all well aware that reviews are important for your eCommerce business. Studies show that while in 2010 70% of consumers valued positive reviews as much as personal recommendations, in 2019 90% (!) of consumers valued reviews as much as personal recommendations. This means that reviews are extremely important in the decision-making process of your customer. ‘Is this product worth it?’, is one of the questions a customer hopes to find an answer to when they visit your product page.  

Therefore, we transform the, often static, product page into a dynamic and vibrant page where a customer sees their friends, or friends of friends or people with similar interests as them, interacting with the product. This happens through our four different plugins, of the Social Suite+™ that we will install for free at your eCommerce with this special Black Friday offer.

#1 Social Expressions™.

The first plugin that your customer will come across is the Social Expressions plugin. This is a plugin that empowers customers to express how they feel about your product with just one click: ‘I want it’ or ‘I have it’. This is a very easy way to gather data about customers who ‘like’ your product and customers who already have your product. Other customers can see who wants or has the product already. This is a personalized experience, meaning that every customer will see different people being prioritized (first friends, then friends of friends, people with similar interests, or people with high conversion rates i.e., Top Reviewers / Fans).  

#2 Social Reviews™.

The Social Reviews™ plugin is the second plugin the customer sees on the product page, immediately below the Social Expressions™ plugin. The Social Reviews™ is the review section that is again personalized to every customer. This means that the reviews that are most well written (according to the Text Quality Index, TQI) are prioritized plus reviews by friends, friends of friends or people with similar interests as the customer currently visiting the product page. Because of our systems, reviewing becomes a social effort. One that is rewarded when the reviews are written in coherent language, and give technical and helpful details to potential customers. This is why with our plugins conversion-rates increase with nearly 300%.

#3 Social Displays™.

The last visible plugin on the product page is the Social Displays™ plugin. This is a tool where real customers recommend you (the customer currently visiting the product page) products that you will probably like based upon the purchase history by other people who have bought the product which you are currently viewing.  

#4 Social SEO™.

The last plugin, the Social SEO™, is the one that is not visible on the product page but might be the most important one. Our tool translates all the user-generated content, such as the Expressions and the Reviews, to data that search-engines, such as Google, is able to see. Because of all the different forms of user-content that our plugins stimulates and creates, there will be more activity on your page than usual. This is why we have seen, on average, an 18% increase in organic traffic at our customers’ websites. Because of this, one of our customers (a bookstore in Brazil) has beaten Amazon off the SEO-throne with the best seller The Suble Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson (indexing on #1, above  

Now, try it yourself.

Now you know, you know. Let’s try it at your eCom! Book a call with one of our teammates, and let’s start the engines. Because of Black Friday, we will offer a free pilot for the duration of two months. No strings attached. The installation and moderation is on us. This is the perfect moment to step in, to boost conversion, traffic and engagement for Black Friday. If you want to know more, book a call and we will gladly help you to learn more about our products and what we can do for you. We only offer this promotion because we know you will love it and will not want anything else.

This offer stands from 23rd of October 2021 till the 9th of November 2021 and is only valid for European eCommerces. First come, first serve: LIMITED AVAILABILITY.
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