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          Vurdere's Declarations and Commitments

Vurdere, bycommitment to its clients with ESG certifications and by responsibility tosociety, declares its environmental, social, governance responsibilitiesand recommends that the Parties to this contract also follow similar conductcriteria:

1.     Environmental

Vurdere and its collaborators declare:

Þ      Even in a Software as a Service business, small choices such as on which provider to host your applications have potential environmental implications. Therefore, Vurdere declares to have the commitment to mind and prevent in its decisions aspects that affect the environment.

2.     Social

Vurdere and its collaborators declare:

Þ      to not use or make use of illegal labour or labour analogous to slavery, directly or indirectly.

Þ      to not use or make use of labour of people under 18 in any activity, directly or indirectly, except if insertedin an educational or social inclusion program and in accordance with applicable law.

Þ      to not use negative and limiting discrimination practices on access to the employment and professiona lroutine, for reasons of gender, ethnic origin, cultural aspects, political convictions, race, skin colour, physical condition, religion, marital status, age, family situation, sexual orientation, and pregnancy.

3.     Compliance

Vurdere and its collaborators declare:

Þ      to have respect and professionalism as a premise.

Þ      to act and show integrity in the exercise of their activities, not placing themselves in situations of vulnerability or suspicion.

Þ      to act with transparency and probity, and with impersonality, especially when public agents are involved.

Þ      to care for the image of all its clients, partners, suppliers, and employees, protecting them from vexatious situations or situations that may expose them negatively before third parties.

Þ      to not act with conflict of interest and/or make use of its function, attributions, the company resources, and information, under any circumstances, to favour its own interests or interests with purposes alien to the Company's interests.

4.     Anti-Corruption, Prevention ofMoney Laundering and Terrorist Financing

4.1.           Vurdere and its employees declare and guarantee to prevent acts of corruption, fraud, illegal practices, or money laundering and to observe any applicable and/or supervening laws and provisions related to the combat and prevention of corruption, money laundering and financing of terrorism.

4.2.           Vurdere declares and guarantees not to practice, under any hypothesis, by itself, its administrators, andemployees, any illicit act related to corruption, money laundering and or terrorism financing, including, but not limited to:

Þ      promising, offering or giving, directly or indirectly, an undue advantage to public agents or to a third party related to them.

Þ      finance, fund, sponsor or in any way subsidize the practice of illicit acts.

Þ      to use an intermediary natural or legal person to hide or dissimulate its real interests or the identity of the beneficiaries of the acts performed.

Þ      hinder investigation or inspection activities by public agencies, entities, or agents, or intervene in their activities; and/or,

Þ      to conceal or disguise the nature, origin, location, disposition, movement or property of assets, rights or values resulting directly or indirectly from a criminal infraction.

4.3.           Vurdere declares and guarantees not to appear in national or international sanctions lists. In case of inclusion of the company, of the partners or administrators in these lists, Vurdere compromises to inform immediately to the other Party and expects the same conduct in reciprocity.

4.4.           Vurdere undertakes to inform the other Party if any broadcasting of its name in the media related to acts of corruption, fraud, illicit practices and/or money laundering.

5.     Code of Conduct

Vurdere declares and guarantees to adopt ethical conduct and commits itself to observe, together with its directors, administrators, employees, third parties and/or subcontractors, the observance and respect:

Þ      of human rights.

Þ      of the environment.

Þ      of health and safety standards in the workplace.

Þ      of honesty and transparency with partners, suppliers, contractors, the market, and government agencies.

Þ      of the interests of society, of the company, and of the Parties in this contract, above the individual interests of its employees, representatives, and providers, who may not obtain for themselves or others, information, opportunities, business advantages, and any sort of gifts or benefits due to the exercise of their activities.

In brief words, you will be collaborating with a team that aspires to be a positive societal influence with discretion and modesty, by creating wealth, employment, new technology and fair tax revenue that supports social well-being. And we invite you to help us with such aspirations.

Should questions or concerns regarding these guidelines occur when executing this contract, please do not hesitate to contact

 February 14, 2021

Black Friday
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