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Web Summit Lisbon 2021:

The Experience of our Co-Founder Daniel Pisano

Written by Koen Hoogendoorn, Business and Legal Analyst @ Vurdere |December 2021


With the Web Summit 2021 already being a month behind us, it is time to catch up with ourco-founder Daniel Pisano who went to Lisbon to attend the event. During ourconversation we talked about what was being hyped during the event and if anevent like the Web Summit is worth the cost for a start-up. More general, wealso talked about moving a startup across the ocean. Vurdere was founded inBrazil and is currently based in the Netherlands. What are some of the biggestchallenges in that move?

Black Friday

I ride my bike through the rainy autumn streets of Utrecht while I am on my way to meet Daniel Pisano, co-founder of Vurdere. We meet at the Pisano’s house, where he moved last year from Brazil to relocate Vurdere in the Netherlands to expand the business inEurope. Daniel just got back from Lisbon where he attended the Web Summit 2021.


So, Daniel, how was the Web Summit?

“It was a much needed and welcome experience. After being more or less socially isolated for over a year it was nice to finally meet our European investors and clients. The move fromBrazil to Europe has almost completely taken place during the pandemic, so we did not get a chance to meet the people we work with in Europe. This was the perfect opportunity to meet everyone face to face. And next to that, a trip to sunny Lisbon is never a bad idea.”


Did you notice any hype during the Web Summit around a specific topic?

“Yes, what I noticed was a lot of attention on Edtech (educational tech). Especially investors were really eager to find out which company would be the biggest hit in the Edutech sphere.I can see the potential, and I am looking forward to see those companies cometo fruition. Especially with kids, it is amazing to see how tech can help to learn new skills.”


I have heard that ticket costs can be quite high for events like this. Add that with having to fly over and stay in a hotel for a few days, is an event like the WebSummit worth it for a start-up?

“For me the Web Summit was definitely a turning point within my thought process about client acquisition.It might be because of the pandemic, and people being desperate to finally network and close deals again in person, but everyone seemed so eager to connect and close deals. This made the client acquisition process way quicker and more enjoyable. During an event like the Web Summit, the right people are there at the right place. You meet with the people who can actually close deals, such as the Directors of eCommerce in our case.”


That’s awesome. So, next year you will be back?

“Yes. I’d love to visit more events with Vurdere. Of course we will be going to the DigitalMarketing World Forum (DMWF) Event inAmsterdam on 23rd and 24th of November (red. this has already taken place at the time of publishing). Another event that is on our eyes is the SLUSHin Helsinki, Finland. That could be an opener to include more Nordic countries in our network, since were primarily set now in Latin countries. The only drawback is the costs, however, a tip for our Brazilian friends: you can get a fund from the Brazilian government to visit events like the Web Summit inLisbon. We are now a Dutch company, so it does not apply to us. But it is definitely worth checking out if the government of the country you are based in has subsidies to visit events. They do this because it is promotion for their country.


What do you mean ‘promotion for their country’? What does a country get in return for startups visiting a marketing event?

“Well, for instance there were a lot of Dutch community platforms at the Web Summit in Lisbon; such as TechLeap.They were trying to convince other startups to move to the Netherlands. It speaks for itself what would be the benefits of that. A hub of growth startups, bringing capital in both euros as well as in intelligent and creative immigrants.So, financing the tickets of these events to interesting startups could benefit the country because they will make the country seem as an interesting base for other startups to move there.”


How was moving Vurdere from Sao Paulo to Amsterdam like actually?

“It was a challenge, of course. Most of the challenge is ultimately personal. However, moving a company to the Netherlands is technically quite easy. It was mostly moving out ofBrazil that was the hardest part. Just get a good lawyer and other professionals who will do the paperwork, so that you can focus on the personal parts of moving as smoothly as possible to a new country. Moving your business is generally a good idea, to drill into a new network of professionals who will work with you and new clients. Do it!”.

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