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The use of Artificial Intelligence on E-commerce Platforms

Following last week's article, this article is an analysis of artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to manage and improve user-generated content. AI is becoming increasingly present in our lives, and many companies are beginning to recognize the value that this technology can bring to their businesses. One area where AI can be applied is in the personalization and recommendation of products. In this sense, we at Vurdere are ahead of this trend, using machine learning algorithms to personalize and recommend products based on the social profile and behavior of consumers on e-commerce platforms.

Personalization of content and products is one of the main advantages of artificial intelligence. By using machine learning techniques to analyze user navigation data, purchase history, and social profile, it is possible to create a personalized and targeted shopping experience for each user. This can include personalizing the product page, recommending products based on user preferences, and suggesting responses to comments, reviews, and user questions.

Another advantage of personalization is the ability to create a smoother and more enjoyable shopping experience for users. By personalizing content and recommendations based on user preferences, it is possible to increase the likelihood of conversion and reduce cart abandonment rates.

A/B analysis performed with our clients

Additionally, personalisation can also help companies create a stronger and more lasting connection with their customers. By offering a personalized and targeted shopping experience for each user, it is more likely that customers will feel valued and satisfied with the brand.

Product recommendation

Product recommendation is another area where AI can bring significant benefits to companies. This can include recommending products that are frequently purchased together, products that are popular in certain geographical regions, or products that are recommended by people with similar social profiles. These recommendations can significantly increase the likelihood of conversion, while also improving the user experience and increasing the average ticket. By recommending products that meet individual user's needs, companies can create a more relevant and targeted shopping experience, thus increasing the likelihood of conversion and loyalty. Vurdere uses these techniques to personalize and recommend products based on users' preferences. We understand that each user is unique and has individual needs and preferences, and we use AI to personalize the shopping experience and recommend products that meet those needs. This may include content customisation and product recommendations based on users' social profile and behaviour.

Content comprehension

Understanding content is another area where AI can be applied. Vurdere uses machine learning algorithms to analyse user-generated content in their reviews, comments, and questions with the aim of understanding which ones are more impactful in helping other users' buying journeys. This analysis can help companies understand the needs and preferences of their customers and improve their marketing and sales strategy. Vurdere also offers an innovative feature: Automatic content moderation and workflow automation based on the information present in the content. For example, AI can identify if a review on an e-commerce site is a complaint and direct it to customer service. This function brings numerous benefits, such as faster response times, better customer experience, and increased operational efficiency. Automatic moderation helps maintain a safe and pleasant online environment by avoiding inappropriate or offensive content. Additionally, workflow automation allows teams to focus on more strategic tasks, optimising resources and increasing productivity. With Vurdere, you can improve your review management and boost customer satisfaction in your online store. In summary, Vurdere is a company that is at the forefront of the trend of using AI in the personalisation, recommendation, and analysis of user-generated content. By using machine learning techniques to personalize and recommend products, and to analyse user-generated content, the company can help its clients offer a more satisfying shopping experience and improve their marketing and sales strategy. If you want to improve your customers' experience on your online store and cause a significant increase in your conversion rate, click here and request a demonstration.

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