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CASE: Vurdere & Imaginarium

The online market is becoming increasingly competitive, making it crucial for stores to utilize efficient techniques to stand out. A great example of this is the case of Imaginarium, a Brazilian company founded in 1991. It started with a store in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, selling creative and unique gifts that were different from what the market offered at the time. Over the years, Imaginarium expanded its network of stores throughout Brazil and reached other countries. Currently, the company has over 200 physical stores in 16 countries, in addition to its online store that sells its products worldwide.

With the growth of e-commerce and changes in consumer behavior, Imaginarium also improved its online store, aiming to increase its revenue, conversion rate, and offer a more pleasant and personalized shopping experience to its customers. As part of this strategy, at the end of 2021, Imaginarium partnered with Vurdere, which has been a success ever since. Together, we created a social area on each product page, where we personalize the content and context for each customer, enabling them to feel more confident in their purchasing decisions. This, in turn, increases engagement and boosts performance metrics. Users now have an area where they can express themselves, directly communicate with the brand, and exchange experiences with each other, transforming what would be merely informative content into a forum for sharing experiences and expressing personal tastes and desires.

What was the context of Imaginarium when they approached Vurdere? How did they discover us?

"The website's conversion rate was declining, and the product pages were unable to convey all the features effectively. Although the site had multiple integrated suppliers, there was limited business and partnership collaboration. We didn't develop the contracted tools with the suppliers and didn't work in partnership. We received a recommendation from a friend to check out Vurdere."

Why did you decide to go with Vurdere?

"First and foremost, it was because of their work methodology. From the initial conversations, their team and leadership showed great openness to develop, adapt, and create functionalities for the tool that met Imaginarium's needs. This customer-oriented partnership approach fascinated us. Second, it was due to their social commerce solution, which generates significant engagement among customers and enhances interest in participating in site reviews." - Rafaela Auler, Ecommerce & Digital Manager at Grupo


To enhance their online store, increase conversion rates, and improve the user experience, Imaginarium implemented our solutions in their e-commerce platform:

  • Social Expressions: The ideal space for the product's fan page, where customers can interact with each other. It includes a simple registration, desire reaction buttons to showcase social proof, and displays of likes and common interests among users.

  • Social Reviews: Users make better purchase decisions when they find relevant reviews from people they know or with similar tastes.

  • Social Displays: People tend to accept recommendations from automation tools that understand their preferences and shopping patterns. Social Displays present personalized product recommendations for each buyer, leveraging AI to increase cross-selling and additional sales on the product page.

  • Social SEO: By increasing interactions and traffic to your store, put your brand at the top of search engines.


The implementation of Vurdere's solutions was strategically carried out in 2021, but the data presented in this case study was collected from April 2022 due to its availability. Regarding the engagement created by the platform, Imaginarium experienced a significant increase in daily user interactions. The following graph shows the accumulated percentage growth compared to the first month of user acquisition by Imaginarium. The values demonstrate positive evolution over time, indicating a continuous growth in the user community. The accumulated percentage growth highlights the progress achieved since the beginning, showcasing the consistent expansion of Imaginarium's user base.

Figure 1: Monthly percentage increase in user acquisition compared to April 2022.

With the implementation of Vurdere's solutions, Imaginarium witnessed a significant increase in user engagement within their community, as shown in the previous graph. This steady growth in the number of engaged users can be largely attributed to the use of artificial intelligence in Vurdere's platform, which prioritizes the most qualified reviews and provides personalized experiences based on each user's profile.


Vurdere's solutions were designed to help companies like Imaginarium enhance the customer experience on their e-commerce platforms, increase engagement, and consequently boost conversion rates. Personalizing offers and promotions is an effective strategy to enhance customer satisfaction by providing more relevant and tailored deals to each user. As a result of implementing our solutions, Imaginarium achieved the following numbers:

  • Conversion rate of customers who interacted with Vurdere on average was 2.03 times higher than those who didn't.

  • Average session value of customers who interacted with Vurdere was 2.11 times higher than those who didn't.

  • Return on investment achieved by Imaginarium was 71 times.

  • Incremental revenue of 24.17% compared to Imaginarium's standalone revenue.

In addition to the presented data confirming the platform's impact on customers' purchasing decisions, another significant aspect is Vurdere's increasing contribution to the total revenue. The graph below displays the monthly percentage of revenue contributed by Vurdere compared to the total revenue of Imaginarium since the partnership began.

Figure 2: Percentage of revenue from customers who interacted with Vurdere compared to total revenue.

As observed, this trend continues to grow, strengthening our partnership, enhancing the user experience, and confirming Vurdere's strong influence on purchasing decisions.


Vurdere's solutions can have a significant impact on the conversion rates of online stores, increasing customer satisfaction and lifetime value. Imaginarium serves as an example of how implementing these solutions can drive results for e-commerce companies.

What are your thoughts on the results so far?

"The partnership's results have been very positive. Through Vurdere's tool, Imaginarium has been able to showcase their product attributes better, engage customers, and provide highly qualitative descriptions of their items. Vurdere is designed and optimized to increase customer conversion and information sharing, which greatly enriches the Imaginarium website."

Would you recommend Vurdere to other companies, and why?

"Yes, due to the partnership and work methodology. Vurdere is continuously evolving, always attentive to the needs and demands of its customers." - Rafaela Auler, Ecommerce & Digital Manager at Grupo

In summary, the implementation of Vurdere's solutions at Imaginarium contributed to increased engagement, personalized offers and promotions, and incremental revenue. These results demonstrate the value and effectiveness of Vurdere's solutions for e-commerce companies like Imaginarium. By choosing the right solutions and implementing them strategically, businesses can better meet their customers' needs and expectations and gain a competitive edge in the ever-changing market. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Imaginarium and improve your customers' experience in your online store while significantly increasing your conversion rate, click here and request a demonstration.

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