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CASE: Vurdere & Leveros

E-commerce has been one of the most promising forms of commerce in the current market. However, companies that adopt this model face increasing competition and challenges to stand out among the many available options. Leveros is a Brazilian e-commerce company that provides solutions in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, and solar energy. The company has faced several challenges in its expansion process in online commerce, including the need to increase sales and improve the customer experience. Until May 2022, the company did not have a review platform, an engaged community, and there was a need for increased sales in its online store.

To address these challenges, Leveros partnered with us at Vurdere. We offer various solutions that can help companies overcome their challenges and achieve significant results, such as:

  1. Social expressions: The ideal space for customers to share their reviews and interact with each other. It includes a simple registration process, desire buttons to show social proof, and a display of likes and common interests among users.

  2. Social reviews: Users make better purchasing decisions when they find relevant reviews from people they know or who have similar tastes. Social Reviews displays user reviews prioritized by AI for each buyer.

  3. Social displays: People often accept suggestions from automation tools that understand their preferences and shopping patterns. Social Displays shows personalized product recommendations for each buyer, with AI optimization to increase cross-selling and additional sales on your product page.

  4. Social SEO: By increasing interactions and traffic in your store, you can position your brand at the top of search engines.

  5. Social Ring: Online shoppers seek security, and sellers need to convey it. Ensure a smooth and efficient purchasing process by cross-referencing reviews from other e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and sellers of the same product.

This article aims to explain how these solutions were able to help Leveros overcome its challenges, as well as describe the results achieved by the company after implementation. Understanding how Vurdere's solutions were able to help Leveros improve the customer experience and increase online sales can be helpful for other e-commerce companies that are also looking to grow in the market and face similar problems.


The implementation of Vurdere's solutions was strategically carried out in May 2022, with teams working together to ensure that each solution was effectively integrated and that all changes made to the e-commerce platform were tested and validated before being launched to the public.

The importance of reviews on e-commerce platforms is absolute and has already been proven. According to Baymard, 95% of customers rely on reviews to find and learn more about products. If you want to know more about the importance of reviews in an online store, click here.

As a result of implementing Vurdere's solutions, Leveros experienced a significant improvement in user experience and an increase in online sales. The engagement platform also allows the store to communicate more effectively with its customers and increase user satisfaction.

Lastly, the Social Feeling created allows Leveros to build an engaged community around its brand, resulting in a 40-fold increase in engagement since the beginning of the partnership.

Why are online communities of such importance? This topic can be found in our article on the importance of online communities. Additionally, we automatically index all user-generated content so that Leveros has a higher ranking in search engines. All of this is done organically, without investing in advertising.


Vurdere's solutions are designed to help e-commerce companies improve the customer experience, increase engagement, and consequently boost conversion rates. Personalizing offers and promotions is also an effective way to increase customer satisfaction by providing more relevant and personalized offers for each customer, thereby increasing the store's conversion rate. The following image demonstrates the percentage of incremental revenue that Leveros achieved each month after implementing our solutions.

Percentage of incremental revenue caused by Vurdere in relation to Leveros' monthly revenue.

The solutions provided by Vurdere have helped Leveros increase customer engagement, loyalty, and trust, which in turn resulted in a significant boost in the company's conversion rate. The implementation of these solutions allowed the company to effectively meet the specific needs of its customers, leading to increased online sales and an enhanced customer experience. After 10 months of partnership, we have observed that Vurdere accounts for a 7% incremental revenue for Leveros.

Another noteworthy statistic is the ROI achieved by Leveros after 10 months of collaboration. From the beginning until now, Vurdere has provided Leveros with an ROI of 305, indicating that their investment in Vurdere's solutions has yielded an incremental return 305 times higher.

These figures clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of Vurdere's solutions in improving company outcomes. The implementation of Vurdere's solutions can prove beneficial for other e-commerce businesses facing similar challenges.

Another metric strongly influenced by Vurdere is the conversion rate. Since its implementation, customers who go through Vurdere have shown an average conversion rate 3.3 times higher than those who do not use the tool on Leveros' store.


Vurdere's solutions can significantly impact the conversion rate of online stores, increasing customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value (LTV). Leveros serves as an example of how implementing these solutions can leverage results for e-commerce companies. Below is a summary of the key numbers obtained through Vurdere's partnership with Leveros.

Main Results Obtained by Leveros after 10 Months of Partnership

"The assessment of customers and the promotion of more humanized buying experiences have always been important factors for Leveros, and Vurdere has been the solution we found to foster this practice. From the beginning, we have received all the necessary support for implementation and a team that has assisted us and continues to be present in our day-to-day operations, discussing results, proposing improvements, and always bringing new ideas.
We are achieving very positive results, providing a personalized experience where customers are increasingly interacting and, consequently, improving conversion rates. There is no doubt that the partnership between Leveros and Vurdere has been a great success." - Lara Santos, E-commerce Assistant at Leveros

By choosing the right solutions and implementing them strategically, companies can better meet the needs and expectations of their customers and gain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing market. If you want to follow in Leveros' footsteps, improve your customers' experience in your online store, and achieve a significant increase in your conversion rate, click here and request a demo.

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