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Case: Vurdere & Ocean Drop

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the implementation of innovative strategies transcends obstacles and goes beyond perfect competition, revealing a horizon brimming with possibilities and opportunities. This forward-thinking approach aligns with the imperative need to engage users on a deeper level, personalize each interaction uniquely, and incorporate artificial intelligence to guide informed decisions during the purchasing process.

In essence, this vision is a necessity for businesses to stand out and secure the preference of consumers in an ever-evolving market, and Ocean Drop clearly exemplifies this mindset.

Founded in 2016, Ocean Drop is a Brazilian company renowned in the realm of nutritional and sustainable products. Despite experiencing notable expansion, extending its reach nationwide, the store faced challenges in effectively targeting its audience with social proof, which ultimately affected its sales and, consequently, its position in the market.

It was based on this scenario that, at the end of the first semester of 2022, Ocean Drop established a strategic partnership with Vurdere, which has been a success ever since.

"We were looking for ways to display our customers' reviews on our pages, with the aim of strengthening the social proof around our brand and our products. We wanted to provide visitors to our store the opportunity to understand various opinions about the products before making a purchase. That's why we chose Vurdere, as the tool provides exactly what we are looking for." - João Becker | Customer Support Coordinator

Vurdere's Solutions

Reflecting the challenges and objectives outlined in the initial context, such as improving customer experience and boosting online sales, Vurdere implemented its solutions on the Ocean Drop platform. Among the features, the following stand out:

  • Social+Expressions: An interactive space for product enthusiasts, with easy registration, expressions of interest, and display of common interests.

  • Social+Reviews™: Users find relevant reviews from people with similar tastes, prioritized by AI, which ultimately positively influence purchasing decisions.

  • Social+Displays™: Personalized product recommendations based on preferences and purchasing patterns, increasing cross-selling and upselling.

  • Social+SEO™: Increased interactions and store traffic, improving brand position in search engines.

  • Social+Ring™: Enhanced purchase security by aggregating e-commerce, marketplace, and vendor reviews for the same product, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


Analyzing the insights presented in the graph below, it can be observed that starting from February 2023, there was an explosive growth in terms of the number of collected evaluations, which highlights the power of social proof derived from Vurdere's solutions.

Data about the reviews collected in the last six months.

In this way, it's clear that with the support of Vurdere, Ocean Drop not only achieved a more engaged customer base, but also built a community around its products, strengthened consumer trust, and above all, enriched the value proposition of its brand.


Regarding conversion, the following data was captured from May 2022 to July 2023 and exemplifies the effectiveness of the collaboration between Vurdere and Ocean Drop:

- Ocean Drop achieved a return on investment of 131 times.

- Incremental revenues represented by Vurdere were 20%.

- Customers who engage with Vurdere have an average conversion rate 3.47 times higher than those who don't use the platform.

- Approximately 25% of purchases made on Ocean Drop went through Vurdere's social area.

From these results, it's clear that by optimizing the customer experience and positively influencing their purchasing decisions, Vurdere's solutions also play a crucial role in strengthening the company's financial position.


This case represents an excellent example of how the implementation of innovative processes can transform challenges into valuable opportunities. Facing obstacles such as collecting reviews in a low-traffic environment on their website, Ocean Drop demonstrated adaptability and resilience.

With the assistance of Vurdere, Ocean Drop not only achieved its initial objectives of enhancing the customer experience and driving sales but also created a space to solidify its position as a reference in the food industry. Additionally, the company overcame the challenge of collecting reviews in a low-traffic environment, demonstrating its commitment to transparency and reliability to its consumers.

Just like Ocean Drop, you too can secure a notable advantage by choosing to incorporate and execute appropriate strategic solutions. If you're looking to follow this path of success, improving the experience for your customers on your online store, achieving a significant increase in conversion rates, and establishing a solid foundation for your brand's ongoing growth in a highly competitive virtual environment, don't hesitate any longer. Click here and request an exclusive demonstration right now.

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