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Case: Vurdere & Suvinil - Achieving +35% Growth in Online Revenue!

In the premium paint industry, Suvinil, a brand owned by the renowned German chemical company BASF, stands out as a true leader in the Brazilian market. With a successful history spanning approximately six decades, Suvinil is synonymous with quality, beauty, and reliability.


However, even in the face of its success and established reputation in the national market, Suvinil understood that the pursuit of excellence never ceases.

In a market where consumer opinion plays a fundamental role in the decision-making process during the purchase process, the brand recognized the need to reinvent and innovate. The challenge was clear: the search for a tool that could make the customer experience transparent and accessible, facilitate the choice of new customers, and at the same time, incorporate other perspectives about the brand.

The Choice

It was in this context of transformation that Suvinil, aligned with the evolution of the Brazilian retail sector towards an increasingly digital, personalized, and efficient landscape, embraced the innovative solutions provided by Vurdere.

"Vurdere presented us with review solutions in a social interaction logic that aligned with our vision of engaging our audience. We made the bet that this approach could yield good results and further engage consumers." - Ana Carla Cavalcante | Digital Products Suvinil & Glasu!


The first step was to understand the characteristics of Suvinil's marketplace, which had a significant number of SKUs and a very specific business model. The implementation process was gradual to adapt the Vurdere platform to the brand's system and, above all, to migrate previous reviews received from another tool while preserving the history already built by older consumers.

To further enhance the user experience, the following solutions were installed:

Social+Expressions™: After the installation of this tool, the process of registering and connecting customers with similar social contexts became much simpler. It is now also possible to engage consumers through desire reaction buttons.

Social+Reviews™: Vurdere offers Artificial Intelligence that automatically evaluates reviews without manual work, resulting in significant time optimization, especially for post-sales. Additionally, Vurdere's AI creates a horizontal feed by adding reviews of related products, thus popularizing paint pages with relevant content about the product, regardless of color or packaging type.

Social+Displays™: Personalized product recommendations are a key feature to generate more sales and unique experiences.


The following data were collected from April 2022 to August 2023 and exemplify the effectiveness of the partnership between Vurdere and Suvinil:

- On average, about 47.50% of Suvinil purchases went through Vurdere's social area, demonstrating the platform's relevance in Suvinil's customer purchasing process.

- Customers who access through Vurdere have an average session value 4.22 times higher than those who do not use the platform. This not only illustrates the influence of Vurdere but also indicates that engaged platform users are more willing to spend more on their purchases.

- Similarly, customers who pass through Vurdere's social area have an average conversion rate 3.92 times higher than those who do not use the platform.

- The incremental revenue represented by Vurdere was 35%, resulting in a return on investment for Suvinil of approximately 47 times.

The following graph demonstrates the percentage of incremental revenue that Suvinil obtained in 2023 each month after implementing Vurdere's solutions:

Percentage of incremental revenue caused by Vurdere compared to Suvinil's monthly revenue in 2023.

Moreover, it is important to highlight that during the analysis period, it was observed that within a year, the number of customer sessions passing through Vurdere's social area doubled. This number is significant as it reveals strong customer adoption of Vurdere's social platform, demonstrating its effectiveness, relevance, and, most importantly, a reliable source of guidance for their purchase decisions.

The impact of this increase in sessions is even more evident when considering that it generated an impressive revenue opportunity for Suvinil's e-commerce. In fact, conversion data show that customers who pass through Vurdere's social area have a fourfold higher revenue potential compared to those who do not use the platform. This highlights not only customer engagement through Vurdere but also the platform's effective ability to steer visitors towards becoming active buyers.

In conclusion, these results are clear indicators of the positive impact of Vurdere's solutions on Suvinil's business performance. However, it is worth noting that these numbers not only reinforce the effectiveness of strategies centered around social influence but also emphasize Suvinil's ongoing commitment to prioritizing customer trust and enhancing their experience.


This case is an inspiring example of how innovation and customer focus can not only drive financial results but also strengthen the connection between a brand and its consumers.

Key results achieved by Suvinil since the beginning of the partnership up to August 2023

"With nearly a year of operation, we are seeing good results with Vurdere. The social approach of the tool makes sense for greater consumer engagement, whether they want to share their opinion or express interest in purchasing a product. Directly attributing the presence of reviews is still a challenge, but we continue to believe it is crucial to build trust among consumers who rely on the experience of other consumers in forming their decision." - Ana Carla Cavalcante | Digital Products Suvinil & Glasu!

The above statement perfectly illustrates the success of the strategic partnership between Vurdere and Suvinil. In other words, a customer-centric approach, combined with technological innovation, can create a valuable experience for consumers and reinforce trust in the brand in a highly competitive and digital landscape.

Therefore, our message is clear: the continuous pursuit of excellence can elevate your company to even greater heights in the online market.

Like Suvinil, prioritize the customer experience and embrace successful strategies. Use Vurdere!

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