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Innovation and Engagement: The Social Power in the Case of Vurdere & Evino

As time progresses, it's essential for companies to employ innovative strategies to stand out in a landscape of perfect competition. In this context, Evino stands out as a Brazilian company specializing in high-quality wines at affordable prices, aiming to provide exceptional experiences to its customers.

Founded in 2013 with the mission of making great wines accessible to everyone, Evino quickly expanded its reach, launching its online store to cater to wine enthusiasts across Brazil. The organization is an inspiring example, demonstrating the company's commitment to innovate and adapt to the needs of an ever-evolving online market, ensuring that its customers enjoy high-quality options at affordable prices.


However, despite experiencing notable growth since its inception, this success did not come without significant challenges along its journey. These challenges included low conversion rates from visitors to customers, difficulty in engaging customers with the brand and products, and a lack of social proof. Each of these obstacles posed a challenge for Evino to thrive in a highly competitive online environment.

The Choice

In search of innovative and creative solutions to overcome the challenges faced, Evino found in Vurdere a strategic partner that shared its vision and was prepared to effectively address these pain points. Since then, this strategic collaboration, established in mid-2021, has proven to be the right choice, yielding exceptional results.

The Solutions

Recognizing the importance of social power in online purchases, Vurdere, with its experience and expertise in innovative solutions to enhance engagement, customer experience, and optimize conversion rates, offered Evino the necessary tools and strategies to overcome the obstacles in its path. Among the implemented solutions, the following stand out:

- Social+Expressions™: Vurdere created an ideal space for customers to share their reviews and interact with each other. This includes a simple registration process, desire reaction buttons to show social proof, and sample likes to highlight common tastes among users. This feature further strengthened the community around the brand and improved the overall customer experience on the Evino platform.

- Social+Reviews™: Vurdere introduced the Social Reviews feature on Evino's platform. This means that users now have access to product reviews written by other customers, prioritized and recommended by artificial intelligence. These reviews are from people who have similar tastes or connections with the buyer, helping consumers make more informed purchasing decisions.

- Social+Displays™: Vurdere also implemented the Social Displays feature, which customizes product recommendations for each buyer. Using advanced AI algorithms, the platform now presents product suggestions that align with each customer's tastes and purchasing patterns. This not only increases cross-selling and upselling but also enhances the customer shopping experience.

- Social+SEO™: To improve Evino's visibility on search engines, Vurdere worked on increasing interactions and traffic on the online store. This not only puts the brand at the top of search results but also attracts a broader and more engaged audience to the site.

Collectively, the solutions implemented by Vurdere not only addressed the challenges faced by Evino, such as low conversion and limited engagement but also positioned the company to thrive in a segment characterized by strong competition, enhancing the customer experience and driving business growth.


Customer engagement is the lifeblood of any successful online venture, and Evino was determined to elevate this metric. That said, when examining the data revealed in the graph below, it's important to note that over the past four months, Vurdere's innovative solutions have significantly contributed to Evino's impressive results in terms of collected reviews.

Percentage increase in reviews collected starting from January 2024.

As can be seen, these impressive numbers demonstrate how Vurdere has revolutionized the shopping experience at Evino, creating a digital space where customers not only interact and share reviews but also connect significantly with the brand. This innovative and personalized approach has elevated the online store to a vibrant community, increasing customer loyalty and driving engagement to unprecedented levels.


The following numbers were captured via Google Analytics and exemplify the successful partnership between Vurdere and Evino:

- Vurdere plays a key role in the purchasing process of Evino's customers, contributing to approximately 33% of all transactions made on the platform.

- Those who choose to access Evino through Vurdere exhibit an average session value 2.8 times higher compared to customers who do not use this platform. This indicates that Vurdere's social proofing approach influences customers to spend more, as they may feel more secure and well-informed when shopping, having access to reviews from people who share the same interests and profile.

- Similarly, customers who engage with the social area created by Vurdere have an average conversion rate 2.7 times higher than those who do not engage with the platform. This is because Vurdere creates a more engaging and personalized shopping experience based on the customer's purchase history and preferences, thereby generating product recommendations that make sense for each persona, ultimately encouraging consumers to explore more options and complete their purchases with greater confidence.

- The incremental revenue represented by Vurdere was 20%, resulting in a return on investment for Evino of approximately 147 times.

It is evident that the creation of an environment that facilitates interaction among customers, allowing them to share their opinions and connect based on common interests, has resulted in a significant increase in Evino's performance metrics.


This success case highlights the importance of innovation and continuous adaptation in the world of e-commerce. Since its inception, Evino has always sought to provide exceptional experiences to customers, and in facing significant challenges, found in the partnership with Vurdere the key to overcoming them effectively.

Main results achieved by Evino since the beginning of the partnership until April 2024.

The innovative solutions provided by Vurdere not only addressed the challenges faced by Evino but also transformed the online store into a thriving community, promoting customer engagement, boosting sales, and elevating the shopping experience to a new level.

Thus, the partnership between the two companies serves as a great example of how strategic collaboration and the constant pursuit of improvements can lead to remarkable and lasting results. They reinforce the idea and, most importantly, the importance of listening to customers, understanding their needs, and offering innovative solutions to create an engaging and highly effective shopping environment.

"The insights generated by Vurdere are shared with various teams within Evino, and they help us better understand our customers, allowing us to develop our strategies with more precise focus on what our customers are seeking." – Camila Motoda, Digital Product Manager and UX Design at Víssimo Group.

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