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Focused Research: Transforming the way of collecting customer feedback

Understanding why each person buys a product is a significant challenge for retail, especially when data stratification needs to be done for each individual. The motivation of each person to acquire a product is unique, and understanding which attributes influence the purchase and are essential for certain persona groups is the differentiator that Vurdere's new tool, called Focused Reseach, brings to the online market.

In this article, we will explore in detail how this innovative Vurdere tool can benefit e-commerce companies, inspire consumer behavior towards reviews, and demonstrate the significant impact of content description on online store conversions.


Before we begin, it's important to recap that Vurdere is an engagement platform that stands out for allowing companies to create communities around their products or services. The focus on the social proofing approach is the foundation of its mission, and its unique features promote meaningful interactions among consumers, encouraging them to share opinions and influence others during the purchase decision-making process, which strengthens customer loyalty and builds a positive reputation for the company.

In addition to focusing on social proof, Vurdere is committed to empowering consumers by providing them with more space and access to advanced technologies. In this context, we will introduce the next innovation from this platform.

Vurdere's Focused Reseach: Revolutionizing from Engagement to Conversion

According to a study conducted by the vouchercloud platform on consumer psychology in the e-commerce checkout process, approximately 85% of online buyers consider it essential to read reviews from other customers before purchasing a product, with 80% of them feeling confident to buy based on experiences shared by other users.

Considering these numbers and the fact that product reviews have a significant influence on consumer decisions during the purchase process, a solution has been developed that promotes a review system highly tailored to Vurdere's customer products: Focused Reseach.

In this innovative solution, Vurdere's artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes technical and additional information available on product pages and conducts targeted surveys to help consumers reflect on the aspects that contribute to their opinions.

Practical Example

According to information from the 2021 E-commerce Quality Index (EQI) in the Health, Hygiene, and Beauty category, 82.1% of online buyers considered that the material present on product pages had a significant impact on their purchasing choices.

These numbers further highlight the importance of Focused Reseach in increasing the conversion rate of e-commerce companies since user-generated content (UGC) will provide confidence to future buyers and greater accuracy during the purchase decision-making process.

With that in mind, consider a cereal bar with a description that includes details such as being vegan, nutritious, tasty, and free of certain ingredients, for example.

Based on the nutritional descriptions and additional product information in question, Vurdere's AI will generate tags such as "Combinacion of 7 chestnuts", "Convenient for everyday life," "Balanced and tasty", "Best choice for a healthier lifestyle," "Practical and natural", and others.

Therefore, Focused Reseach create an environment where consumers can articulate their opinions about products, as well as offer them the possibility to filter products based on these tags. This approach allows consumers to customize their shopping experience according to their individual needs and preferences, making the search for specific product information more flexible and contributing to more objective and informed purchase decisions. This also suggests that Focused Reseach mirror the results of large-scale public opinion surveys, such as 'Vox Populi,' which are typically expensive and require significant resources for retail companies.

In addition to these points, this new Vurdere feature offers several significant advantages for e-commerce companies, including:

  1. Better Customer Understanding: With tags generated by Vurdere's AI, companies can better understand how consumers perceive their products. This enables the adaptation of marketing strategies and the development of products more aligned with customer expectations.

  2. Encouragement of Reviews: Focused Reseach encourage consumers to share their opinions more effectively and efficiently. By providing specific tags, consumers have a starting point for their reviews, making the process easier and more focused.

  3. Strengthening Social Proof: When consumers share detailed and focused reviews, it creates strong social proof. Other potential customers are more likely to trust the opinions of people with similar interests.

  4. Increased Conversions: A detailed product description and the ability to view specific reviews positively influence purchase decisions. This, in turn, drives conversions and increases sales by 4.5 times over the product's lifecycle.


Vurdere's Focused Reseach completely redefine how companies interact with their consumers and shape their image in e-commerce. By simplifying the evaluation process for consumers and providing valuable insights to companies, this solution stands out as a remarkable competitive differentiator, representing a new case of Generative AI application in audience, brand, and product recognition processes.

By leveraging the power of AI-generated descriptive content, companies can not only boost their conversion rates but also effectively build customer trust. In this way, this innovative approach empowers companies to stand out in the market, transform the online shopping experience, and build a positive reputation around their brand.

Embrace innovation and transform your business!

Make Vurdere your e-commerce success partner! Discover how Focused Reseach can revolutionize engagement and conversion on your online store. Contact us now and schedule an exclusive demonstration for your website.

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