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We want to spread the power of social e-commerce around the world to engage people and businesses.

We believe shopping experiences need to be told — and we know people want to share them.

We create new ways to bring buyers of similar values ​​and interests together to encourage honest reviews of products and services.

We found in the power of Artificial Intelligence ways to make the purchase journey more human and contextualized.

A more personalized experience driving conversions.

Our story

We were born in 2018 in Brazil with the desire to gain new markets and help e-commerces create shopping experiences that we all want to have. From the beginning, we knew that our passion for consumer behavior, Artificial Intelligence, and creativity were what made us different — and kept us moving forward on a journey of study, challenges, and successes.

We arrived in Europe in 2021 with our first office in Amsterdam and with the support of a strong network of accelerators and investors who saw potential in our developed solutions. 

At Vurdere, we are building an inspiring platform focused on people and using customer and consumer data responsibly.

Some amazing companies we've worked with along the way

A team of experts passionate about AI and online commerce

Our strong support network in Europe

Accelerator for startups and leading brands in marketing, commerce and adtech in Europe.

High-tech incubator for startups with high growth potential for the European market.

Angel investor groups investing in innovative companies expanding into Europe.

Connecting a billion shoppers with similar interests to the products and services they love

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