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SEO in Focus: How Suvinil Revolutionized Its Online Presence

With millions of transactions occurring daily in the digital sphere, nowadays, a brand that isn't seen virtually doesn't exist. Therefore, online visibility has become the lifeline for the success and survival of any brand that wishes not only to thrive but also to remain relevant in the minds of consumers.

Digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, help increase visibility and attract potential customers searching for products or services online. Suvinil, a leader in the Brazilian premium paint market, recognized this trend and partnered with Vurdere to enhance its SEO strategy and social presence.

This article explores how this partnership led to extraordinary results.

Implemented Solutions

To support Suvinil's strategy of improving the visibility and ranking of its products in search results, Vurdere leveraged the power of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate structured content. This AI-structured content makes Suvinil's product pages more relevant to the search engines that index them.


To achieve this scenario with optimized structured content, Vurdere utilized solutions from the Social+Suite™ package with Suvinil's e-commerce, including Social+Expressions™, Social+Reviews™, and others, as well as Social+SEO™, which structures data from social interactions, keywords, and community-generated content, increasing the relevance of Suvinil's product pages and boosting organic traffic.


SEO Results

The implementation of Vurdere's solutions not only addressed engagement and conversion challenges (see the numbers here) but also revolutionized Suvinil's SEO metrics. Analyzing the data below from Google Search Console, with a specific focus on the impact of structured review data on SEO over different periods, the exceptional growth in the brand's Search Engine Optimization indicators becomes evident.


To illustrate this, in the first quarter, between January and March 2023, Suvinil recorded an average of 76 clicks and 3,067 daily impressions. After a year of partnership with Vurdere, in the first quarter of 2024, these numbers reached an average of 236 clicks and 15,000 daily impressions. This growth represents a daily click increase of 3.1 times the previous value and a nearly fivefold increase in impressions, reflecting a remarkable advance in Suvinil's online presence. In terms of product page rankings, Suvinil improved an average of 2.5 positions in search engine results pages during the same period.


It's important to emphasize that these numbers highlight the significant impact generated by Vurdere's suite of solutions. Social engagement, driven by user reviews and community interactions, along with a robust data structuring strategy that heavily employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to dynamically optimize content, emerges as a crucial factor in amplifying SEO performance results.


Cost Savings

To assess the equivalent financial return provided by Vurdere to Suvinil, we conducted a comparative study between the organically obtained results with data structuring implementation (such as review snippets) and the costs associated with acquiring equivalent impressions and clicks through Google Ads, Google's advertising service.


Considering the average cost per click (CPC) of $0,12 for the paint segment in Brazil, and a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of $2.30 Suvinil would have had to spend approximately $5.800 in paid ads over these three months to achieve the same results that Vurdere generated for Suvinil in the first quarter of 2024. These figures demonstrate the effectiveness and level of return that investing in Vurdere brings to its partners.


This amount, or even a portion of it, previously allocated to paid campaigns for similar visibility, can now be redirected to investments in other strategic areas of the company, such as product innovation, customer service improvement, and strengthening other marketing strategies.



The success story between Vurdere and Suvinil is a valuable lesson on the importance of innovative solutions and strategies in the SEO world. In this context, the strategic partnership between the two companies highlighted the transformative role of AI, which not only optimized Suvinil's online presence but also redefined consumer engagement.


The lesson here is clear: innovation is essential to boost SEO and, by extension, a brand's success in online retail. Suvinil and Vurdere have shown that, with AI, the future of digital marketing is now.


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[1] Average of $0,12 according to Similar Web, in 2024. It's important to note that this value is an estimate, as CPC varies according to various factors such as competition, ad quality, keyword relevance, timing, location, device, and other points.

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