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The Solution for the Crossborder Retail Challenge

Global expansion is a continuous challenge for e-commerce stores, direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses, and pure e-commerce ventures worldwide. A mere translation of a platform into different languages is not enough to meet the expectations and desires of local consumers. The key lies in creating a sense of belonging, a genuine experience, and a context that resonates with local buyers. This is precisely where Vurdere excels.

The Global Challenge: Beyond the Language Barrier According to a survey conducted by Digital 1to1, expanding into other countries is one of the most significant challenges faced by e-commerce stores. This goes beyond language; it's about establishing a real connection with the consumer. Modern consumers seek authentic experiences. When a buyer navigates through an international brand, they expect to see not only accurate translation but also content and experiences shared by people from their own locality or social profile.

Vurdere: A Personalized and Contextual Solution The advantage of Vurdere lies in its unparalleled ability to personalize reviews, creating a kind of integrated social network within the store that enhances the network effect through people's geolocation. Imagine that, while browsing an online store, buyers primarily see people with similar social profiles, and, more importantly, from the same geographic region. This type of personalization builds trust, creates a connection, and encourages consumers to engage more with the platform.

The "seeing is believing" concept is elevated to a new level with Vurdere. By allowing buyers to see reviews and experiences from others who share social and geographic similarities, the barriers between countries are broken down. The buyer feels they are interacting with a store that "speaks their language," in the broadest sense of the expression.

Case Study

A prominent Dutch beer brand acquired a French online store that sold local beers as well as their own Dutch brews. With this acquisition, the Dutch brand aimed to establish a global portal for selling their brands in various European countries. However, after some time in operation, it became evident that conversions were decreasing in France and other countries. The conclusion drawn was that French consumers didn't embrace the new brand because there was no local connection.

Conclusion: Boosting Global Sales Through Local Connection Regarding D2C companies, pure e-commerce businesses, and major online retailers aiming to stand out on the global stage, Vurdere's solution is an innovative step in the right direction. By providing an engagement platform that takes into account social factors and geolocation, Vurdere offers a powerful response to the cross-border challenge. In a market where trust is crucial and personalization is fundamental, Vurdere is not just a solution but a revolution in the world of social commerce.

For online retailers aiming to excel in the international scene, it's time to recognize the importance of connecting locally, even on a global scale. And for this, Vurdere positions itself as the perfect ally.

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