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The Success of the Vurdere & Centauro Partnership in Online Retail

In an environment of intense competition and driven by consumer behavior, as is the case in e-commerce, the application of innovative strategies proves to be the key to achieving excellence in sales.

This premise is clearly illustrated by the case of Centauro, a brand that, despite being a leader and a reference in the sports goods segment in the Brazilian market, has innovation and a constant pursuit of enhancing the customer experience ingrained in its DNA.

With teams of specialists dedicated to always providing the best solutions and experiences to customers, the partnership with Vurdere was a natural consequence of the shared philosophy between the two companies

The Encounter and Proposed Solutions

In the pursuit of maximum excellence during the online shopping journey, Centauro embraces the conviction that deep dedication to the customer goes beyond commercial transactions. Inherently understanding that customer desires are crucial for lasting loyalty, the company is not content with meeting only immediate needs; it aims to constantly transform and elevate customer satisfaction standards.

It was in this context that, in mid-2022, Centauro found in Vurdere a partner that not only shares the same philosophy of commitment to consumers but also aligns with the relentless pursuit of innovation. By joining forces with Vurdere and exploring new approaches and solutions grounded in social proof, the company not only strengthened its commitment to improving the customer experience, raising the level of consumer satisfaction, but also enhanced the operational efficiency of its online store.

Among the innovative solutions implemented on the Centauro website, the following stand out:

- Social+Expressions™: The product's fan page where customers can express their social desires, and the demonstration of common interests by interacting with quick reaction buttons and samples of likes among all users who want, have, and endorse the product.

- Social+Reviews™: Service where Vurdere utilizes AI to customize the experience and reviews displayed to users according to each buyer's profile. Consumers make more informed and secure purchase decisions when they encounter relevant reviews from familiar people or those with similar tastes. By making more assertive decisions, the customer satisfaction index and purchase recurrence are likely to increase.

- Social+SEO™: Use and structure social data generated with increased interactions in the communities created on the product pages of the store. This way, we boost the products and the visibility of the Centauro brand at the top of search engines.

- Social+Ring™: It is a service dedicated to enhancing the customer experience by analyzing and providing relevant experiences from other customers with the same product, coming from different e-commerce platforms. The central goal is to provide enhanced content and context for interested customers, allowing them to better base their purchasing decisions. In a scenario where buyers seek greater security in their online shopping choices and sellers aim to convey that confidence, Social Ring contributes to the reliability of the entire process.

- Seller Portal: It consists of a management panel for sellers connected to the marketplace, allowing monitoring and evaluation of partner performance while providing information to sellers so they can work more assertively and effectively, building a solid reputation in sales. Additionally, the Seller Portal, by promoting direct interaction between sellers and customers, improves the time and quality of responses to customers, as they are assisted by brand experts, allowing brands to have a direct view of their customers' perception of their products. All of this creates an integrated and dynamic process in the relationship between Centauro, Sellers/Brands, and customers, with the aim of optimizing costs, improving the customer experience, and boosting sales performance.

With these solutions, Centauro was able to redefine the way customers interact and share opinions with each other, thus building a community around its products. This not only solidified trust in purchasing decisions but also intensified engagement and performance metrics, establishing itself as a notable innovation focused on the customer experience.

Engagement Results

Centauro was able to witness the positive impacts of Vurdere's innovative solutions on its platform, especially regarding user interaction. As evidenced by the following graph, in recent months, Centauro has achieved continuous progress in expanding the quantity of collected reviews:

Percentage increase in reviews collected compared to the month of April 2023.

Analyzing the insights above, it is evident that Centauro demonstrates a remarkable pattern of growth in collected reviews, reflecting the impact of the social proofing power stemming from the Vurdere platform.

Furthermore, the significant increase in engagement in certain months, such as August 2023, emphasizes that, after the implementation of Vurdere's innovative solutions, Centauro is strategically positioned to leverage its growth potential, reinforcing consumer confidence, capitalizing on new opportunities, and fostering a sense of community around its products.

Results in Performance

Regarding performance, Vurdere regularly monitors engagement and conversion metrics on a monthly basis with its clients, providing complete transparency through Google Analytics. The following data was collected from August 2022 to September 2023, illustrating the effectiveness of the partnership between Vurdere and Centauro:

- In terms of engagement in the social area created by Vurdere, in Aug/22 (the start of the partnership), approximately 4% of people sought information in the social area to inform their purchasing decisions. After over a year and with a more mature community, over 15% of customer sessions now pass through the social area of Centauro, created by Vurdere.

- Customers accessing Centauro through Vurdere demonstrate an average value per session 2.1 times higher than those who do not use the platform.

- Similarly, customers who engage with the social area created by Vurdere have a conversion rate on average 2.2 times higher than those who do not use the platform.

- The incremental revenue driven by Vurdere was 6.7%, representing a return on investment for Centauro of approximately 257 times.

Additionally, with Vurdere's Seller Portal, Centauro was able to optimize clarity, speed, and precision in communication between sellers and customers. As a result, this optimization contributed significantly to achieving a growth of up to 20% in the conversion rate of the most engaged seller product pages. It also resulted in a notable reduction in response time to customers, reaching a speed three times faster.


Centauro's journey stands as a vivid testimony to how the implementation of innovative strategies can be a game-changer in a highly competitive e-commerce landscape. Faced with fierce competition and attuned to consumer preferences, Centauro shines as a brilliant example of a leading brand in the sports goods segment that recognized the imperative to reinvent itself and enhance the customer experience.

Through collaboration with Vurdere, Centauro embarked on a digital transformation journey that unveiled a range of innovative solutions. From social interactions that amplify authentic reviews to AI-driven personalized recommendations for each shopper, and the effective management of sellers through the Seller Portal, each step was meticulously planned to enhance customer satisfaction and elevate the operational efficiency of e-commerce.

Below, we highlight the key outcomes achieved in this successful partnership between Vurdere and Centauro:

The main results achieved by Centauro since the beginning of the partnership until September 2023.

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