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Create the e-commerce experience of your dreams with more interactions, engagement and conversions. 

Your journey with Vurdere starts here

Seller management dashboard to gather data and evaluate results from the best partners. 

Full dashboard for moderating, managing and collecting rating insights.

Even with so much functionality, installation and configuration are easy and simple.

Vurdere works independently of e-commerce platforms and can be installed on every platform available on the market.

Everything on Vurdere, on a single platform



Why our customers recommend Vurdere to you

"We recommend Vurdere for the engaging power and simple interface it offers to consumers who want to share their experience and to those who evaluate this feedback before making their purchase decision." 

Ana Carla Cavalcante | Digital Products – Suvinil & Glasu

"With Vurdere, we get honest opinions from customers who have used our products and evaluate their experience on our website. This allows potential buyers to make their purchase decision based on these experiences."

Adriana Bastos | Virtual Channels - Midea Carrier

"For all the partnership and work methodology. Vurdere is constantly evolving, always with a sharp eye for the needs and demands of their customers." 

Rafaela Auler | Imaginarium & Mind

Install the 5 solutions on your product page and watch it take off


Experiences sell. Have the ideal space to showcase them

People want to belong to a group, make their presence felt, and influence others. Social Expressions is the opportunity to generate this feeling in the customer and have a fan club passionate about your product.

It all starts with the credibility of the reviewers. The user just needs to fill out a safe, easy and interactive form (or use their Facebook profile) to join the community.

Engage customers with reaction buttons to create social proof and trending insights on your product page.

Promote the connection of customers from the social context, showing likes and tastes in common. 


Reviews affect choices. When well prioritized, they lead to more conversions

Users make better purchase choices when they find relevant reviews from people they know or that have similar tastes. Social Reviews shows user ratings prioritized by AI ​​for each buyer.

Eliminate the barriers of reviews and build trust with visible social profiles and verified purchases.  

Lack of context in reviews drives the customer away. Filter user reviews using our AI by audience relevance criteria and topics of interest to generate more affinity and identification. 

Show customers personalized reviews from your friends or people with similar tastes. 

Let customers rate their shopping experience by automatically uploading product photos and videos.

Make room for micro-influencers to engage the buyer community. 

Incorporate Q&A functionality into your product page for conversations between customers, brands and sellers. 

Use our Social Newsletter as an automated NPS stream to get more reviews and measure customer - and seller - satisfaction with your brand.  

Allow the suggestion of related reviews from other sites to enhance the shopper experience and increase sales. 

Create a community of top reviewers of your products with social media footprint context. 


When the buyer trusts, they choose faster

People tend to accept suggestions from automation tools that understand their tastes and shopping patterns. Social Displays show personalized product recommendations for each shopper, with plenty of AI to increase cross-sells and upsells in your PDP. 

Create a horizontal feed of selected, bespoke product recommendations by combining the most relevant reviews from people like the buyer, according to their social profile. 

Our smart technology indicates the best color combinations of related and additional products in the user experience. 

Bring cross-selling and upselling together to increase revenue and gain valuable insights into buyer needs and behaviors.

The tool made for those who sell with you

Engage and bring your sellers' expertise with a unique management panel connected to your digital channel.



In every search, your brand is at the top of the search engines

Increase your website traffic and attract more quality users and customers with our Social SEO solution. 

We automatically index all user-generated content so your e-commerce ranks higher in search engines. 

All this you can do organically, without investing in advertising. 


Shared Reviews: Closer than ever to customers and everyone

Online shoppers want security, sellers need to convey it. Ensure a smooth and efficient purchase process by crossing reviews from other e-commerces, marketplaces and sellers of the same product. 

Automatically gather all reviews from the marketplaces you work with, providing more clarity and confidence in the user's purchase decision. 

The more reviews from different sales channels, the better for the user and your e-commerce.

Count on automatic translation of reviews into other languages ​​on all your sites. No language barriers because your e-commerce can always go further.


Find answers to your top questions

Vurdere is different because we apply our knowledge of consumer behavior, Artificial Intelligence and gamification strategies to create a personalized, contextualized shopping experience for your e-commerce. We bring intelligence to reviews with verified social profiles, providing legitimacy, trust and relevant content for every shopper. Together, these differentials make purchasing decision making easier and generate more conversions.


We replaced the top review engines on six major e-commerce sites with impressive results: +200% conversion over the existing review engine. That's because we've added the social networking experience feature to reviews, making them more relevant, interesting, and tailored to individuals. 

Today, e-commerce is much more than a financial transaction between businesses and consumers. It is a way to engage and connect people with brands through sharing shopping experiences. Social+™ eCommerce encourages buyers to give their opinion to rate the quality of products and evaluate the service provided by brands and online stores. This open space encourages digital word of mouth with trusted reviews from social profiles and builds deep, long-lasting relationships between customers and brands. 

We do! Moderation is a headache for most e-commerce, but Vurdere solves that. Part of our onboarding process is creating a moderation guideline with our customers. Artificial Intelligence and our moderation team will take over the work ahead. 


All reviews are automatically sorted and sent to the right place. Our solution is designed to differentiate product reviews from brand and supplier reviews. Whenever our AI identifies a critical review (poor or detractor rating), it is automatically sent to one-on-one customer support. 


But if you still can moderate the reviews, we offer that option too! 

We charge a monthly fee based on the number of users who have opted into the network and shared and/or created their social profile. We charge a conversion-based CPA fee for Social Displays. If you have an international operation, ask to add the extension to share reviews in different languages. 

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