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We have gathered the most frequently asked questions from our customers about our e-commerce social engagement platform.

It's simple and easy: Vurdere can be installed on any e-commerce platform — with or without reviews. First, we suggest changing the design of the product detail page to incorporate our solutions. Once the design is defined, the tools can be installed in just 3 hours, migrating existing reviews. 

We do! Moderation is a headache for most e-commerce, but Vurdere solves that. Part of our onboarding process is creating a moderation guideline with our customers. Artificial Intelligence and our moderation team will take over the work ahead.

All reviews are automatically sorted and sent to the right place. Our solution is designed to differentiate product reviews from brand and supplier reviews. Whenever our AI identifies a critical review (poor or detractor rating), it is automatically sent to one-on-one customer support. 


But if you still can moderate the reviews, we offer that option too! 

We charge a monthly fee based on the number of users who have opted into the network and shared and/or created their social profile. We charge a conversion-based CPA fee for Social Displays. If you have an international operation, ask to add the extension to share reviews in different languages. 

Find more information about communities and how to build them around your product and brand -

Vurdere is different because we apply our knowledge of consumer behavior, Artificial Intelligence and gamification strategies to create a personalized, contextualized shopping experience for your e-commerce. We bring intelligence to reviews with verified social profiles, providing legitimacy, trust and relevant content for every shopper. Together, these differentials make purchasing decisions easier and generate more conversions.

We replaced the top review engines on six major e-commerce sites with impressive results: +200% conversion over the existing review engine. That's because we've added the social networking experience feature to reviews, making them more relevant, interesting, and tailored to individuals.

Today, e-commerce is much more than a financial transaction between businesses and consumers. It is a way to engage and connect people with brands through sharing shopping experiences. Social+™ eCommerce encourages buyers to give their opinion to rate the quality of products and evaluate the service provided by brands and online stores. This open space encourages digital word of mouth with trusted reviews from social profiles and builds deep, long-lasting relationships between customers and brands.

The Vurdere Social+™ Suite gives shoppers the extra confidence to buy from the opinions of other shoppers who are more like them. Consumers trust the opinions of friends, friends of friends, or people with similar interests more than the random or contextless reviews we see on e-commerce sites today. We apply Artificial Intelligence in very social services that provide users with a personalized experience, with authentic, prioritized and contextualized product recommendations for each shopper. 

On the contrary, research shows that people buy more when they read a review. It's called social proof - the validation of your brand or products by real customers. Vurdere Social+™ Suite provides shoppers with social profiles that customize reviews to make them more meaningful to the reader, generating more trust. 





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