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Founded in the late '80s, Imaginarium was created from the vision of an architect and a doctor who decided to produce handmade Christmas decorations to sell in the neighborhood. The sales success turned the small family business into a reference brand in design with innovation and fun. Today, there are 192 stores as well as e-commerce channels and 600 multi-brand stores throughout Brazil. 

With Vurdere's tools, the company significantly increased customer engagement on its product page.

The challenge

Conversion rate falling, product pages that could not convey all their functionality, and suppliers on the site with little partnership. With these questions in mind, Imaginarium needed to find a way to also convey its essence in e-commerce: to thrill and bring fun to the customers' daily lives. 

"We didn't develop the tools we had contracted with the suppliers and didn't establish a partnership. We received a recommendation, from a friend, to meet Vurdere".

Rafaela Auler | Imaginarium & Mind

The choice

The decision for Vurdere was made for two reasons: their work methodology applying Artificial Intelligence and behavioral theory; and their unique social commerce solution. "This work in partnership, with attention to the client, delighted us", says Rafaela. 

"The result of the partnership has been very positive. Through Vurdere's tool, Imaginarium is managing to better expose the attributes of our products, engage customers, and complement, in a very qualitative way, the descriptions of your items. Vurdere is created and optimized to increase customer conversion and information sharing, which is very enriching for the Imaginarium website". 

Rafaela Auler | Imaginarium & Mind

The solutions

At this moment, the Vurdere team took action to develop and adapt functionalities in line with customer expectations. For Imaginarium, the following solutions were implemented: 

With the features of simple registration, customer reactions, and customer connection from a social context, we created an ideal environment for exchanging experiences. 

User reviews are now prioritized by AI and shown according to the profile of each buyer, facilitating decision making. 

Personalized product recommendations significantly increased in cross-selling and up-selling


To ensure a smooth implementation process, the Vurdere team tested, evaluated, and analyzed each feature, always thinking about facilitating customer usability. 

Vurdere: Designed for experiences


Find answers to your top questions

Vurdere is different because we apply our knowledge of consumer behavior, Artificial Intelligence and gamification strategies to create a personalized, contextualized shopping experience for your e-commerce. We bring intelligence to reviews with verified social profiles, providing legitimacy, trust and relevant content for every shopper. Together, these differentials make purchasing decision making easier and generate more conversions.


We replaced the top review engines on six major e-commerce sites with impressive results: +200% conversion over the existing review engine. That's because we've added the social networking experience feature to reviews, making them more relevant, interesting, and tailored to individuals. 

Today, e-commerce is much more than a financial transaction between businesses and consumers. It is a way to engage and connect people with brands through sharing shopping experiences. Social+™ eCommerce encourages buyers to give their opinion to rate the quality of products and evaluate the service provided by brands and online stores. This open space encourages digital word of mouth with trusted reviews from social profiles and builds deep, long-lasting relationships between customers and brands. 

We do! Moderation is a headache for most e-commerce, but Vurdere solves that. Part of our onboarding process is creating a moderation guideline with our customers. Artificial Intelligence and our moderation team will take over the work ahead. 


All reviews are automatically sorted and sent to the right place. Our solution is designed to differentiate product reviews from brand and supplier reviews. Whenever our AI identifies a critical review (poor or detractor rating), it is automatically sent to one-on-one customer support. 


But if you still can moderate the reviews, we offer that option too! 

We charge a monthly fee based on the number of users who have opted into the network and shared and/or created their social profile. We charge a conversion-based CPA fee for Social Displays. If you have an international operation, ask to add the extension to share reviews in different languages. 

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