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Founded in 1968 in China, Midea is the world's largest home appliance manufacturer. In 2011, she joined Carrier, a leading HVAC company founded by the inventor of air conditioning (Willis Carrier) to produce and distribute products in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. The group owns the Toshiba brand, recognized especially by the Brazilian public. 

More visibility in reviews and more consumer interactions on the product page.

The challenge

Midea/Toshiba had a problem with the old product review tool that didn't deliver even 1.5% of customer reviews and ratings. Today, the average response rate is around 8%. With that, the brand understood that it was time to look for a new tool to generate more satisfactory results for the business.

"Unlike other product review tools, Vurdere brings a different experience to our customers, like a kind of social media and interactions on product pages. This makes our customer/consumer interact with reviews in a dynamic and friendly way. ".

Adriana Bastos | Virtual Channels - Midea Carrier Brasil

The choice

For Midea/Toshiba, details matter and make a difference when making a customer's purchase decision, especially in their competitive e-commerce environment. It was through a corporate recommendation that the company chose Vurdere to be its key partner on this journey.

The solutions

The first task of the Vurdere team was to test, analyze, and validate the plug and play tools on the Midea/Toshiba e-commerce platform. In line with their strategy, they sought to create a more authentic and interesting review space, the brand's online store now has Social Expressions and Social Reviews solutions. 


The two features allow unique interactions from the "want/have" buttons, in addition to connecting people based on common interests and social backgrounds. 


"We believe that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to build a brand that is trusted and accepted by customers. There is nothing better than the customer telling their stories and experiences with our products", says Adriana Bastos. 


Midea/Toshiba also added Social Displays, Social SEO, and Social Ring solutions to drive more sale conversions and a personalized journey for customers. In this way, sharing experiences with products, whether good or bad, creates a relevant community of content for future customers interested in that product/service. 

"Vurdere is a very organized company executing projects and monitoring indicators with their customers. Since we implemented the tool, we had much more visibility of consumer opinion about our products and the indicators have been improving. The success model is ideal for mutual commitment". 

Débora Secundo | Ecommerce Marketing Manager

"Many customers are interacting with the tool, evaluating and asking questions about products. In addition, we have an intuitive panel where the support team can respond to comments and evaluations more quickly". 

Adriana Bastos | Virtual Channels - Midea Carrier Brasil

Vurdere: Designed for experiences


Find answers to your top questions


Vurdere is different because we apply our knowledge of consumer behavior, Artificial Intelligence and gamification strategies to create a personalized, contextualized shopping experience for your e-commerce. We bring intelligence to reviews with verified social profiles, providing legitimacy, trust and relevant content for every shopper. Together, these differentials make purchasing decision making easier and generate more conversions.


We replaced the top review engines on six major e-commerce sites with impressive results: +200% conversion over the existing review engine. That's because we've added the social networking experience feature to reviews, making them more relevant, interesting, and tailored to individuals. 


Today, e-commerce is much more than a financial transaction between businesses and consumers. It is a way to engage and connect people with brands through sharing shopping experiences. Social+™ eCommerce encourages buyers to give their opinion to rate the quality of products and evaluate the service provided by brands and online stores. This open space encourages digital word of mouth with trusted reviews from social profiles and builds deep, long-lasting relationships between customers and brands. 


We do! Moderation is a headache for most e-commerce, but Vurdere solves that. Part of our onboarding process is creating a moderation guideline with our customers. Artificial Intelligence and our moderation team will take over the work ahead. 


All reviews are automatically sorted and sent to the right place. Our solution is designed to differentiate product reviews from brand and supplier reviews. Whenever our AI identifies a critical review (poor or detractor rating), it is automatically sent to one-on-one customer support. 


But if you still can moderate the reviews, we offer that option too! 


We charge a monthly fee based on the number of users who have opted into the network and shared and/or created their social profile. We charge a conversion-based CPA fee for Social Displays. If you have an international operation, ask to add the extension to share reviews in different languages. 

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