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Suvinil is a brand of decorative paints owned by BASF, a German multinational chemical company and the largest chemical producer in the world. With 60 years of history, it is a reference in the market and has an extensive list of innovative products for painting walls, floors, ceilings, tiles, wood, and metals, among other surfaces. 

Applying review solutions in the logic of social interaction to exploit the power of customer engagement.

The challenge

From the beginning, Suvinil has known how the opinions of consumers influence the purchase decision of other consumers. In this context, the brand was looking for a tool that provided a transparent customer experience, bringing the perspective of other buyers, and making it easier for new consumers.

"Vurdere introduced us to review solutions in a logic of social interaction that coincided with our vision about the power of engagement with our audience. We made the bet that this approach could bring good results and engage consumers even more".

Ana Carla Cavalcante | Digital Products Suvinil & Glasu!

The choice

Vurdere was chosen by Suvinil after market research and through recommendations of partners who already knew our history of success with other e-commerce. 

"With almost a year of operation, we are starting to reap good results. The tool's social approach makes sense for a greater engagement of consumers who want to leave their opinion or interest in purchasing a product. We continue to believe social review is fundamental to create trust in consumers who rely on the experience of other consumers in the formation of their decision". 

Ana Carla Cavalcante | Digital Products Suvinil & Glasu!

The solutions

The first part of the challenge was to understand the characteristics of Suvinil's marketplace, which had a significant number of SKUs and a very specific business model. 


The implementation process was carried out gradually to adapt the Vurdere platform to the brand's system and, above all, to migrate previous evaluations received from another tool, preserving the history already built by previous consumers. 


To make the user experience even better, we installed the following solutions:

After installing this tool, registering and connecting customers with similar social contexts became much faster. Now, consumers engage through desire reactions buttons. 

Vurdere offers Artificial Intelligence that automatically evaluates reviews. This time optimization was an important gain, especially for after-sales.

Personalized product recommendations are a key feature to drive unique experiences and, ultimately, more sales. 

Vurdere: Designed for experiences


Find answers to your top questions

Vurdere is different because we apply our knowledge of consumer behavior, Artificial Intelligence and gamification strategies to create a personalized, contextualized shopping experience for your e-commerce. We bring intelligence to reviews with verified social profiles, providing legitimacy, trust and relevant content for every shopper. Together, these differentials make purchasing decision making easier and generate more conversions.


We replaced the top review engines on six major e-commerce sites with impressive results: +200% conversion over the existing review engine. That's because we've added the social networking experience feature to reviews, making them more relevant, interesting, and tailored to individuals. 

Today, e-commerce is much more than a financial transaction between businesses and consumers. It is a way to engage and connect people with brands through sharing shopping experiences. Social+™ eCommerce encourages buyers to give their opinion to rate the quality of products and evaluate the service provided by brands and online stores. This open space encourages digital word of mouth with trusted reviews from social profiles and builds deep, long-lasting relationships between customers and brands. 

We do! Moderation is a headache for most e-commerce, but Vurdere solves that. Part of our onboarding process is creating a moderation guideline with our customers. Artificial Intelligence and our moderation team will take over the work ahead. 


All reviews are automatically sorted and sent to the right place. Our solution is designed to differentiate product reviews from brand and supplier reviews. Whenever our AI identifies a critical review (poor or detractor rating), it is automatically sent to one-on-one customer support. 


But if you still can moderate the reviews, we offer that option too! 

We charge a monthly fee based on the number of users who have opted into the network and shared and/or created their social profile. We charge a conversion-based CPA fee for Social Displays. If you have an international operation, ask to add the extension to share reviews in different languages. 

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