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Vurdere is Transforming E-Commerce with Innovation in Social Commerce:

Vurdere is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape with its innovative approach in Social Commerce, emphasizing the concept of "social match". By integrating social elements, Vurdere creates communities around products, promoting a more engaging, collaborative, and, above all, profitable online shopping experience for e-commerce businesses.

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Vurdere Boosts Investments to Enhance AI Tools and Expand Operations in E-Commerce

Vurdere, a leader in engagement for e-commerce, announces the raising of R$ 3.5 million in investments, led by international funds. The platform, known for its innovative approach using artificial intelligence (AI) and gamification, plans to focus the resources on enhancing its AI tools, as well as expanding its operations, developing new features, including automatic suggestions and improved data analysis for SEO enhancements.

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Vurdere is redefining the e-commerce landscape by placing social profiles at the heart of the shopping experience. The platform, based on the concept of "social commerce," utilizes generative artificial intelligence to deepen product analysis, highlighting key features for the purchasing decision. With a focus on authenticity and social interactions, Vurdere is a key player in the evolution of e-commerce, providing unique experiences and driving exceptional results.

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Vurdere Responds to the Challenges of E-commerce in Europe

The challenging e-commerce landscape in Europe, highlighted by the recent Digital 1to1 survey, finds an innovative solution in the Brazilian platform Vurdere. To overcome the challenges of internationalization, the platform believes the key lies in creating a sense of belonging and a genuine connection with local consumers, providing authentic experiences, personalizing reviews, and creating a social network integrated with the store based on people's geolocation.

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"The Power of Reviews in E-Commerce"

Article from Daniel Pisano, Vurdere's co-founder 

The statistics are striking: 92% of B2B buyers are influenced by reviews, and responding to this feedback can increase conversions by 19%..

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"Revolutionizing Online Consumer Experiences: The Vurdere Story"

Discover the innovative journey of Jaime Toledo, the visionary founder and CEO of Vurdere, as featured in an exclusive interview by Panorama Mercantil. Toledo's unique encounter at a poorly-reviewed restaurant in Italy sparked the inception of Vurdere, blending contextualized reviews with behavioral theory concepts. Delve into how Vurdere's strategic approach to gamification and AI is redefining the online shopping experience by fostering genuine consumer communities and enhancing digital marketing impact. Learn about the challenges Vurdere overcomes, such as credibility in online content and low engagement, by encouraging social interactions between products and brands. Uncover why Vurdere views social proof, based on real consumer opinions, as the most effective and economical strategy in digital marketing. Witness how Vurdere's solutions, like a 15% increase in e-commerce revenue, are shaping the future of social commerce and transforming the traditional word-of-mouth into a dynamic digital landscape.

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This article discusses the prominent trends in e-commerce for 2024, driven by artificial intelligence (AI). It highlights the projected growth of the global AI-powered e-commerce market to $16.8 billion by 2030, as well as the potential adoption of AI in the retail industry, estimated to reach $36.5 billion by 2030. The article emphasizes the need for businesses to stay ahead of consumer expectations and provides insights into 11 key strategies for success. These trends encompass AI regulation, enhanced personalization, omnichannel integration, security and trust, improved user experiences, sustainability, agile logistics, predictive analytics, contactless payments, blockchain for supply chain transparency, and the use of virtual reality for immersive shopping experiences. The article encourages readers to stay informed about these trends to thrive in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

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During the 2024 Web Summit Rio, a delegation comprising fourteen notable Dutch startups, carefully selected by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, will be present with the aim of connecting international startups with local investors and actively exploring business opportunities in the vibrant region of Brazil and Latin America. One of the highlighted companies is Vurdere, which will use the event as a platform to launch an artificial intelligence-based solution to facilitate user-generated content management across multiple channels, especially on Mercado Livre. The official launch will take place during the Web Summit Rio, which will run until April 18th.

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Daniel Pisano, co-founder of Vurdere, offers valuable tips for startups seeking investments. In the face of the drop in fundraising over the past three years, Pisano suggests that startups stand out with innovation and sustainable growth, in addition to developing a global business culture to attract investors in 2024.

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