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  • Focused Research: Transforming the way of collecting customer feedback

    Understanding why each person buys a product is a significant challenge for retail, especially when data stratification needs to be done for each individual. The motivation of each person to acquire a product is unique, and understanding which attributes influence the purchase and are essential for certain persona groups is the differentiator that Vurdere's new tool, called Focused Reseach, brings to the online market. In this article, we will explore in detail how this innovative Vurdere tool can benefit e-commerce companies, inspire consumer behavior towards reviews, and demonstrate the significant impact of content description on online store conversions. Vurdere Before we begin, it's important to recap that Vurdere is an engagement platform that stands out for allowing companies to create communities around their products or services. The focus on the social proofing approach is the foundation of its mission, and its unique features promote meaningful interactions among consumers, encouraging them to share opinions and influence others during the purchase decision-making process, which strengthens customer loyalty and builds a positive reputation for the company. In addition to focusing on social proof, Vurdere is committed to empowering consumers by providing them with more space and access to advanced technologies. In this context, we will introduce the next innovation from this platform. Vurdere's Focused Reseach: Revolutionizing from Engagement to Conversion According to a study conducted by the vouchercloud platform on consumer psychology in the e-commerce checkout process, approximately 85% of online buyers consider it essential to read reviews from other customers before purchasing a product, with 80% of them feeling confident to buy based on experiences shared by other users. Considering these numbers and the fact that product reviews have a significant influence on consumer decisions during the purchase process, a solution has been developed that promotes a review system highly tailored to Vurdere's customer products: Focused Reseach. In this innovative solution, Vurdere's artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes technical and additional information available on product pages and conducts targeted surveys to help consumers reflect on the aspects that contribute to their opinions. Practical Example According to information from the 2021 E-commerce Quality Index (EQI) in the Health, Hygiene, and Beauty category, 82.1% of online buyers considered that the material present on product pages had a significant impact on their purchasing choices. These numbers further highlight the importance of Focused Reseach in increasing the conversion rate of e-commerce companies since user-generated content (UGC) will provide confidence to future buyers and greater accuracy during the purchase decision-making process. With that in mind, consider a cereal bar with a description that includes details such as being vegan, nutritious, tasty, and free of certain ingredients, for example. Based on the nutritional descriptions and additional product information in question, Vurdere's AI will generate tags such as "Combinacion of 7 chestnuts", "Convenient for everyday life," "Balanced and tasty", "Best choice for a healthier lifestyle," "Practical and natural", and others. Therefore, Focused Reseach create an environment where consumers can articulate their opinions about products, as well as offer them the possibility to filter products based on these tags. This approach allows consumers to customize their shopping experience according to their individual needs and preferences, making the search for specific product information more flexible and contributing to more objective and informed purchase decisions. This also suggests that Focused Reseach mirror the results of large-scale public opinion surveys, such as 'Vox Populi,' which are typically expensive and require significant resources for retail companies. In addition to these points, this new Vurdere feature offers several significant advantages for e-commerce companies, including: Better Customer Understanding: With tags generated by Vurdere's AI, companies can better understand how consumers perceive their products. This enables the adaptation of marketing strategies and the development of products more aligned with customer expectations. Encouragement of Reviews: Focused Reseach encourage consumers to share their opinions more effectively and efficiently. By providing specific tags, consumers have a starting point for their reviews, making the process easier and more focused. Strengthening Social Proof: When consumers share detailed and focused reviews, it creates strong social proof. Other potential customers are more likely to trust the opinions of people with similar interests. Increased Conversions: A detailed product description and the ability to view specific reviews positively influence purchase decisions. This, in turn, drives conversions and increases sales by 4.5 times over the product's lifecycle. Conclusion Vurdere's Focused Reseach completely redefine how companies interact with their consumers and shape their image in e-commerce. By simplifying the evaluation process for consumers and providing valuable insights to companies, this solution stands out as a remarkable competitive differentiator, representing a new case of Generative AI application in audience, brand, and product recognition processes. By leveraging the power of AI-generated descriptive content, companies can not only boost their conversion rates but also effectively build customer trust. In this way, this innovative approach empowers companies to stand out in the market, transform the online shopping experience, and build a positive reputation around their brand. Embrace innovation and transform your business! Make Vurdere your e-commerce success partner! Discover how Focused Reseach can revolutionize engagement and conversion on your online store. Contact us now and schedule an exclusive demonstration for your website.

  • Case: Vurdere & Midea - Unveiling the Spectacular 300x ROI!

    In a digital world where customer engagement is essential, innovative collaborations can be the foundation of success. Vurdere, a pioneer in AI-driven customer engagement platforms, and Midea, a global giant in home appliances, have joined forces to create a new path in the e-commerce market. This partnership not only demonstrates how cutting-edge technology can be used to enhance customer interactions but also lays the groundwork for exponential growth and brand loyalty. In this article, we will delve into the inception of this alliance, the integration of Vurdere's cutting-edge solutions into Midea's online framework, and the impressive results achieved. Whether you are an industry veteran or an emerging entrepreneur, the insights from this success story will highlight the immense potential that exists in purposeful partnerships. Midea Founded in 1968, Midea is the world's largest air conditioning manufacturer. In 2011, with the aim of internationalizing its operations, it partnered with Carrier, a leading HVAC company founded by the inventor of air conditioning, Willis Carrier, to produce and distribute products in Latin America, primarily in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. As a global reference in the home appliance segment, Midea has continually sought to evolve the customer experience. With a diverse range of products and a vast customer base, the company prioritizes fostering a sense of community and brand loyalty, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue. Challenges In pursuit of greater visibility in reviews and increased consumer interaction on their product pages, Midea faced significant challenges with their old product review tool. The situation was concerning, as this previous tool could capture only a minuscule fraction, less than 1.5%, of customer comments and reviews. In a market where the average response rate reached around 8%, this gap represented a considerable disadvantage. This disparity in response rates highlighted the urgent need for a new approach. The brand realized that achieving more satisfactory results for its business required the adoption of a new tool. The challenge, therefore, lay in finding a more effective solution that not only collected a larger volume of consumer feedback but also turned that feedback into valuable insights to enhance their products and services, increase customer satisfaction, and boost their presence in the market. The Choice It was in this context that, in mid-2022, Midea established a strategic partnership with Vurdere, a collaboration that has been generating exceptional results since then. "Different from other product review tools, Vurdere brings a different experience to our customers, like a kind of social network with interactions on product pages. This makes our customers interact with reviews in a dynamic and friendly way." – Adriana Bastos | Virtual Channels - Midea Carrier Brazil The Solutions The first task of the Vurdere team was to test, analyze, and validate the plug-and-play tools on Midea's e-commerce platform. Aligned with the strategy they were pursuing to create a more authentic and engaging review space, the brand's online store now features the solutions Social+Expressions™ and Social+Reviews™, which incorporate Vurdere's Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide a unique experience to consumers. The AI behind these solutions enhances the authenticity of reviews, optimizes the time involved, improves product visibility, and connects people based on common interests and social histories, resulting in a more personalized and efficient shopping journey for Midea's customers. "We believe that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to build a trustworthy brand accepted by customers. Nothing is better than the customer themselves sharing their stories and experiences with our products." – Adriana Bastos | Virtual Channels - Midea Carrier Brazil. Furthermore, Midea has also incorporated the solutions Social+Displays™, Social+SEO™, and Social+Ring™ to generate more sales conversions and a personalized journey for customers. Thus, sharing experiences with products, whether good or bad, enables the creation of a relevant content community for future customers interested in the online store's products. Engagement Fostering AI-driven engagement from Vurdere was the key to unlocking the full potential of Midea's online presence. As we analyze the insights presented in the graph below, it is worth noting that in the past six months, Vurdere's innovative solutions have delivered remarkable results for Midea in terms of the quantity of collected reviews. The percentage increase in collected reviews compared to April 2023. *Period considered from 09/01/23 to 09/19/2023. As can be observed in the numbers above, even during the winter, it is worth highlighting the remarkable increase in customer active participation in the store between the months of August and September. This fact indicates that the solutions implemented by Vurdere not only maintained their effectiveness during periods of lower activity but also contributed to boosting customer engagement and brand interaction during these challenging times. Furthermore, the strategies adopted by Midea stemming from Vurdere's innovative solutions have the potential to mitigate the seasonal effects traditionally present in the HVAC sector. Results Below are the data collected from June 2022 to August 2023, demonstrating the successful partnership between Vurdere and Midea: - On average, about 33% of purchases made at Midea went through Vurdere's social platform, demonstrating the platform's involvement in Midea's customers' purchasing process. - Customers who access through Vurdere have an average session value 1.4 times higher than those who do not use the platform. This not only indicates Vurdere's decision-making power but also highlights that customers found more value in each interaction with the online store, contributing to overall success. - Similarly, customers who go through the social area created by Vurdere have an average conversion rate 1.4 times higher than those who do not go through the platform. This is due to the personalized engagement environment that attracted consumer preferences and provided customers with quality reviews and feedback from like-minded individuals. - The incremental revenue represented by Vurdere was 14.5%, which translates to a return on investment for Midea of approximately 300 times. In light of these qualitative and quantitative indicators, it is important to emphasize that by creating an environment in which customers can share opinions and connect through shared interests, engagement and conversion levels have soared. This circumstance underscores the power of social commerce stemming from Vurdere's innovative solutions, as the construction of a sense of community among customers has had a positive impact on Midea's online store operations. Conclusion The collaboration between Vurdere and Midea represents a successful e-commerce partnership. Through AI-driven personalized engagement, they have achieved improved conversion rates, increased revenue, and built a strong brand community. This case illustrates the transformative power of intelligent customer engagement in e-commerce. The main results achieved by Midea since the beginning of the partnership until August 2023. "Vurdere is a highly organized company in project execution and in monitoring key performance indicators with their clients. Since we implemented the tool, we've gained much more visibility into consumer opinions about our products, and our metrics have been improving. The success model is ideal for mutual commitment." – Débora Secundo | Ecommerce Marketing Manager As noted by Débora, mutual commitment and the constant pursuit of excellence are the keys to the enduring success of this strategic alliance. Looking ahead, Vurdere and Midea are setting new standards in customer engagement for online commerce, serving as a great example for companies seeking to transform and revolutionize the customer experience in their online stores. Experience Vurdere on your online store! Inspired by the success story of Vurdere and Midea? It's time to explore how Vurdere's solutions can drive your business. Contact us now and schedule an exclusive demonstration for your website.

  • Case: Vurdere & Suvinil - Achieving +35% Growth in Online Revenue!

    In the premium paint industry, Suvinil, a brand owned by the renowned German chemical company BASF, stands out as a true leader in the Brazilian market. With a successful history spanning approximately six decades, Suvinil is synonymous with quality, beauty, and reliability. Challenges However, even in the face of its success and established reputation in the national market, Suvinil understood that the pursuit of excellence never ceases. In a market where consumer opinion plays a fundamental role in the decision-making process during the purchase process, the brand recognized the need to reinvent and innovate. The challenge was clear: the search for a tool that could make the customer experience transparent and accessible, facilitate the choice of new customers, and at the same time, incorporate other perspectives about the brand. The Choice It was in this context of transformation that Suvinil, aligned with the evolution of the Brazilian retail sector towards an increasingly digital, personalized, and efficient landscape, embraced the innovative solutions provided by Vurdere. "Vurdere presented us with review solutions in a social interaction logic that aligned with our vision of engaging our audience. We made the bet that this approach could yield good results and further engage consumers." - Ana Carla Cavalcante | Digital Products Suvinil & Glasu! Solutions The first step was to understand the characteristics of Suvinil's marketplace, which had a significant number of SKUs and a very specific business model. The implementation process was gradual to adapt the Vurdere platform to the brand's system and, above all, to migrate previous reviews received from another tool while preserving the history already built by older consumers. To further enhance the user experience, the following solutions were installed: Social+Expressions™: After the installation of this tool, the process of registering and connecting customers with similar social contexts became much simpler. It is now also possible to engage consumers through desire reaction buttons. Social+Reviews™: Vurdere offers Artificial Intelligence that automatically evaluates reviews without manual work, resulting in significant time optimization, especially for post-sales. Additionally, Vurdere's AI creates a horizontal feed by adding reviews of related products, thus popularizing paint pages with relevant content about the product, regardless of color or packaging type. Social+Displays™: Personalized product recommendations are a key feature to generate more sales and unique experiences. Results The following data were collected from April 2022 to August 2023 and exemplify the effectiveness of the partnership between Vurdere and Suvinil: - On average, about 47.50% of Suvinil purchases went through Vurdere's social area, demonstrating the platform's relevance in Suvinil's customer purchasing process. - Customers who access through Vurdere have an average session value 4.22 times higher than those who do not use the platform. This not only illustrates the influence of Vurdere but also indicates that engaged platform users are more willing to spend more on their purchases. - Similarly, customers who pass through Vurdere's social area have an average conversion rate 3.92 times higher than those who do not use the platform. - The incremental revenue represented by Vurdere was 35%, resulting in a return on investment for Suvinil of approximately 47 times. The following graph demonstrates the percentage of incremental revenue that Suvinil obtained in 2023 each month after implementing Vurdere's solutions: Percentage of incremental revenue caused by Vurdere compared to Suvinil's monthly revenue in 2023. Moreover, it is important to highlight that during the analysis period, it was observed that within a year, the number of customer sessions passing through Vurdere's social area doubled. This number is significant as it reveals strong customer adoption of Vurdere's social platform, demonstrating its effectiveness, relevance, and, most importantly, a reliable source of guidance for their purchase decisions. The impact of this increase in sessions is even more evident when considering that it generated an impressive revenue opportunity for Suvinil's e-commerce. In fact, conversion data show that customers who pass through Vurdere's social area have a fourfold higher revenue potential compared to those who do not use the platform. This highlights not only customer engagement through Vurdere but also the platform's effective ability to steer visitors towards becoming active buyers. In conclusion, these results are clear indicators of the positive impact of Vurdere's solutions on Suvinil's business performance. However, it is worth noting that these numbers not only reinforce the effectiveness of strategies centered around social influence but also emphasize Suvinil's ongoing commitment to prioritizing customer trust and enhancing their experience. Conclusion This case is an inspiring example of how innovation and customer focus can not only drive financial results but also strengthen the connection between a brand and its consumers. Key results achieved by Suvinil since the beginning of the partnership up to August 2023 "With nearly a year of operation, we are seeing good results with Vurdere. The social approach of the tool makes sense for greater consumer engagement, whether they want to share their opinion or express interest in purchasing a product. Directly attributing the presence of reviews is still a challenge, but we continue to believe it is crucial to build trust among consumers who rely on the experience of other consumers in forming their decision." - Ana Carla Cavalcante | Digital Products Suvinil & Glasu! The above statement perfectly illustrates the success of the strategic partnership between Vurdere and Suvinil. In other words, a customer-centric approach, combined with technological innovation, can create a valuable experience for consumers and reinforce trust in the brand in a highly competitive and digital landscape. Therefore, our message is clear: the continuous pursuit of excellence can elevate your company to even greater heights in the online market. Like Suvinil, prioritize the customer experience and embrace successful strategies. Use Vurdere!

  • The transformative power of Social Commerce

    Fueled by technological advancements and shifts in consumer behavior, the e-commerce landscape has been continuously evolving. One of the most impactful trends that has emerged in recent years is the concept of Social Commerce. Through an approach aimed at integrating social elements into online commerce platforms to enhance customer engagement and optimize the shopping experience, the mission of Social Commerce is to transform the shopping experience from something individual and transactional into something socially engaging. In this regard, by allowing consumers to interact with fellow shoppers, share opinions, and receive real-time feedback, online stores can create a sense of community around their products. This makes e-commerce more appealing and trustworthy for new consumers, thereby generating a unique value proposition in the market. Furthermore, by fostering a more social, interactive, and collaborative shopping experience, companies can not only optimize their results and increase the time customers spend exploring the store but also strengthen the emotional bond with the brand. Success Example: Etsy Etsy, known for promoting a sense of community among its users, including sellers and buyers, serves as a great reference for how the incorporation of Social Commerce can transform and boost engagement in an online store. By offering features such as reviews, ratings, and direct messaging, which contribute to the creation of a community where users can share experiences, provide feedback, and build relationships based on shared interests in creative and artistic products, Etsy creates a more interactive and engaging online shopping environment. Among the ways the company incorporates Social Commerce into its store are: 1. Reviews and Comments: Each product on Etsy has a section for reviews and comments, allowing buyers to share their experiences and opinions. 2. Favorites and Wishlists: Etsy users can create wishlists and mark products as favorites, promoting social sharing of desired items. 3. Communities and Forums: Etsy provides online forums and communities where buyers and sellers can engage in discussions related to products and crafting techniques. 4. Personalization and Direct Messaging: Etsy enables buyers to contact sellers directly via messages for personalized inquiries. By applying these Social Commerce features, Etsy has not only improved the customer experience but also strengthened the connection between buyers and independent sellers, fostering a unique atmosphere of collaboration and sharing. Vurdere and the Social Power In the Brazilian market, Vurdere stands out as an innovative pioneer in the Social Commerce concept. Recognizing the importance of the social aspect in online shopping and utilizing artificial intelligence to create a personalized shopping experience, the company is gradually replacing traditional evaluation mechanisms on major e-commerce sites. One of Vurdere's main advantages is its unique approach of applying intelligence to reviews through verified social profiles. This not only lends legitimacy and trust to comments but also provides relevant content for each buyer. Moreover, the use of verified social profiles strengthens the connection between consumers and brands, establishing an atmosphere of transparency and authenticity, crucial in such a competitive market. With extraordinary results seen in major e-commerce platforms, such as over 200% increase in conversion compared to previous evaluation methods, Vurdere demonstrates how incorporating social networking experiences into reviews can significantly impact consumer purchase decisions. Furthermore, by applying artificial intelligence to creative solutions, Vurdere offers authentic and contextual product recommendations, making the shopping experience highly personalized and relevant. The key benefits of Vurdere's Social Commerce include: Increased Trust: Reviews and opinions from other buyers help build confidence in purchasing decisions, making customers more likely to make a purchase. Informed Decisions: Consumers can gain valuable product insights from other customers' experiences, aiding them in making more informed decisions. Continuous Engagement: Social interaction keeps customers engaged even after purchase, encouraging them to return to share their own experiences. Conclusion With the rise of Social Commerce, it's evident that Vurdere addresses a crucial need in the market. As e-commerce evolves beyond mere economic transactions into platforms for engagement and connection, Vurdere's solutions not only optimize retailers' outcomes but also foster lasting relationships between customers and brands. Vurdere paves the way for a new level of engagement and customer satisfaction, driving not only conversions but also the perceived value of brands in the e-commerce market. Thus, Vurdere positions itself as a powerful catalyst in the evolution of Social Commerce in the Brazilian retail sector. Embrace this change and turn it into a competitive advantage. Choose Vurdere!

  • Unveiling the Future: How Generative AI is Revolutionizing Retail

    In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been playing an increasingly significant role in e-commerce, revolutionizing how consumers interact and make purchasing decisions. In this landscape, Amazon, one of the e-commerce giants, stands out as a leader in adopting generative AI, notably demonstrating how this technology can enhance operational efficiency and enrich the customer experience. By employing generative AI, Amazon has made a significant impact on its internal operations, providing a more insightful and accurate perspective on inventory management. Through meticulous analysis of historical data and market trends, AI can predict fluctuations in product demand, allowing Amazon to proactively adjust its stock levels. This not only reduces risks associated with excess or shortage of products but also enhances the efficiency of the logistical workflow. Through intelligent stock management optimization, Amazon minimizes operational costs, preventing losses from unsold products while ensuring that popular items are readily available to consumers. Consequently, this further solidifies its position as a leader in the e-commerce market. Furthermore, Amazon has not only boosted operational efficiency but has also redefined the potential of personalization during consumers' purchase decision-making. By utilizing generative AI to create content, such as product descriptions and personalized recommendations, the company has fostered an environment of care and exclusivity around customer interactions with the platform. In this manner, product descriptions generated by AI can be more engaging and relevant due to the artificial intelligence's capability to analyze and comprehend extensive amounts of data about customers and the products in question. This allows AI to tailor descriptions according to preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior patterns for each specific customer, resulting in increased interest and emotional connection with the brand. In essence, AI-customized descriptions surpass informational content; they increase the likelihood of customers discovering products that genuinely meet their needs. Consequently, this encourages conversions in Amazon's marketplace, as consumers feel understood and guided in their choices. Below, we present the key outcomes Amazon has achieved following the implementation of generative AI in its business: Variety and Originality: Generative AI enables online stores to generate fresh and unique content, such as creative product descriptions, automatically generated images, and even personalized designs. This assists brands in standing out amidst a multitude of similar products, creating a distinctive identity. Enhanced Engagement: By providing personalized and compelling content, businesses can keep consumers engaged for longer periods. Personalization driven by generative AI fosters a deeper connection between the customer and the brand, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases and fostering loyalty. Informed Decision Making: Generative AI can analyze complex data and historical purchase records to provide highly relevant recommendations. This streamlines the consumer decision-making process, making the shopping experience more efficient and satisfying. Vurdere, Innovation and the Retail The adoption of generative AI can drive the retail sector by enhancing customer interactions and optimizing operational workflows. These innovative strategies, despite their novelty, don't demand substantial investments, making them accessible to businesses of various sizes, niches, and segments. This aligns with a guerrilla marketing approach, where advanced technologies are effectively and affordably employed to create short- and medium-term impact in a highly competitive market. However, a critical point to consider is the importance of companies being open to change and swiftly adapting to market transformations. Furthermore, the successful implementation of these innovative processes relies on forging strategic partnerships, such as with Vurdere. Vurdere, beyond using Machine Learning techniques to optimize processes and boost conversion rates for retail businesses in e-commerce, is rapidly following the innovative path set by Amazon. By incorporating the use of generative AI in its features, Vurdere is synthesizing customer feedback on products to enhance product understanding and consequently positively influence consumer decision-making. Moreover, with advanced use of generative AI, Vurdere is developing personalized responses to customer queries based on product content and tailored to each brand's distinct communication style. This enhances consumer engagement and customer loyalty, strengthening the purchasing journey and optimizing the online experience. In this manner, it's crucial to underscore that by following Amazon's footsteps, Vurdere not only adopts an innovative approach but also integrates a proven success vision from the market. This solidifies its role as a strategic ally for the retail sector as it advances toward an increasingly digital future driven by personalization and efficiency. Amazon paved the way, but you can tread it too. Don't miss this opportunity! Choose Vurdere by clicking here and transform your business!

  • Case: Vurdere & Ocean Drop

    In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the implementation of innovative strategies transcends obstacles and goes beyond perfect competition, revealing a horizon brimming with possibilities and opportunities. This forward-thinking approach aligns with the imperative need to engage users on a deeper level, personalize each interaction uniquely, and incorporate artificial intelligence to guide informed decisions during the purchasing process. In essence, this vision is a necessity for businesses to stand out and secure the preference of consumers in an ever-evolving market, and Ocean Drop clearly exemplifies this mindset. Founded in 2016, Ocean Drop is a Brazilian company renowned in the realm of nutritional and sustainable products. Despite experiencing notable expansion, extending its reach nationwide, the store faced challenges in effectively targeting its audience with social proof, which ultimately affected its sales and, consequently, its position in the market. It was based on this scenario that, at the end of the first semester of 2022, Ocean Drop established a strategic partnership with Vurdere, which has been a success ever since. "We were looking for ways to display our customers' reviews on our pages, with the aim of strengthening the social proof around our brand and our products. We wanted to provide visitors to our store the opportunity to understand various opinions about the products before making a purchase. That's why we chose Vurdere, as the tool provides exactly what we are looking for." - João Becker | Customer Support Coordinator Vurdere's Solutions Reflecting the challenges and objectives outlined in the initial context, such as improving customer experience and boosting online sales, Vurdere implemented its solutions on the Ocean Drop platform. Among the features, the following stand out: Social+Expressions: An interactive space for product enthusiasts, with easy registration, expressions of interest, and display of common interests. Social+Reviews™: Users find relevant reviews from people with similar tastes, prioritized by AI, which ultimately positively influence purchasing decisions. Social+Displays™: Personalized product recommendations based on preferences and purchasing patterns, increasing cross-selling and upselling. Social+SEO™: Increased interactions and store traffic, improving brand position in search engines. Social+Ring™: Enhanced purchase security by aggregating e-commerce, marketplace, and vendor reviews for the same product, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Engagement Analyzing the insights presented in the graph below, it can be observed that starting from February 2023, there was an explosive growth in terms of the number of collected evaluations, which highlights the power of social proof derived from Vurdere's solutions. Data about the reviews collected in the last six months. In this way, it's clear that with the support of Vurdere, Ocean Drop not only achieved a more engaged customer base, but also built a community around its products, strengthened consumer trust, and above all, enriched the value proposition of its brand. Conversion Regarding conversion, the following data was captured from May 2022 to July 2023 and exemplifies the effectiveness of the collaboration between Vurdere and Ocean Drop: - Ocean Drop achieved a return on investment of 131 times. - Incremental revenues represented by Vurdere were 20%. - Customers who engage with Vurdere have an average conversion rate 3.47 times higher than those who don't use the platform. - Approximately 25% of purchases made on Ocean Drop went through Vurdere's social area. From these results, it's clear that by optimizing the customer experience and positively influencing their purchasing decisions, Vurdere's solutions also play a crucial role in strengthening the company's financial position. Conclusion This case represents an excellent example of how the implementation of innovative processes can transform challenges into valuable opportunities. Facing obstacles such as collecting reviews in a low-traffic environment on their website, Ocean Drop demonstrated adaptability and resilience. With the assistance of Vurdere, Ocean Drop not only achieved its initial objectives of enhancing the customer experience and driving sales but also created a space to solidify its position as a reference in the food industry. Additionally, the company overcame the challenge of collecting reviews in a low-traffic environment, demonstrating its commitment to transparency and reliability to its consumers. Just like Ocean Drop, you too can secure a notable advantage by choosing to incorporate and execute appropriate strategic solutions. If you're looking to follow this path of success, improving the experience for your customers on your online store, achieving a significant increase in conversion rates, and establishing a solid foundation for your brand's ongoing growth in a highly competitive virtual environment, don't hesitate any longer. Click here and request an exclusive demonstration right now.

  • Vurdere: Increasing the Marketplace Potential for the Success of Your E-commerce.

    In recent years, the 3P marketplace e-commerce model has shown remarkable growth, with a significant increase in product offerings, supplier diversification, and expanded business opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Additionally, marketplaces have experienced faster growth compared to conventional e-commerce. This is due to their ability to bring together a wide variety of sellers and products in one place, offering greater convenience and variety to consumers, and generating significant business opportunities for sellers. The marketplace model also benefits from the growing trend of consumers preferring centralized platforms that streamline the purchasing process. In other words, a marketplace is a digital platform that gathers various sellers and their products or services in one place, allowing consumers to access a wide variety of options in a single location. Unlike a traditional e-commerce store, a marketplace does not have its own inventory but acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. These platforms have become increasingly influential in e-commerce, and companies like Centauro, Carrefour, Mercado Livre, Fnac, Otto, and Allegro have found success by integrating them into their sales strategies. Here are some points that reinforce the importance of marketplaces in online retail: Wide Variety of Products: Marketplaces offer a broad range of products and services from different sellers in one environment. This provides consumers with a convenient shopping experience, where they can find everything they need in one place, without the need to visit multiple individual retailer websites. Access to New Markets: For sellers, marketplaces offer an opportunity to reach a broader and potentially global audience, even if they do not have a strong online presence. By joining an established marketplace, sellers can benefit from the existing customer base on the platform. Credibility and Trust: Well-established marketplaces gain the trust of consumers by providing a secure environment for online purchases. Consumers tend to feel more comfortable buying from a recognized marketplace, which can lead to an increase in sales conversions for sellers. Easy Comparison and Competitive Prices: Shopping in a marketplace allows consumers to easily compare prices between different sellers to get the best possible deal. This price transparency promotes healthy competition among sellers and can benefit consumers with more competitive prices. However, despite the benefits, marketplaces also face challenges in the current e-commerce retail landscape, which include: Security and Data Protection: The increasing amount of personal and financial information shared in marketplaces demands rigorous security and data protection measures to ensure consumer trust. Aggressive Competition: The rise in the number of marketplaces and online sellers has intensified competition, making it crucial for marketplaces to find ways to stand out and offer a unique experience to customers. Reputation Management and Reviews: Reputation is essential for the success of a marketplace. Efficiently managing customer reviews and feedback can be a challenge as it directly affects consumer trus Boosting Your Marketplace with Vurdere Despite these challenges, the Vurdere platform, with its innovative approach to social interaction, manages to minimize these adversities by offering assertive strategies for marketplace enhancement. Among the various solutions, a standout tool for vendors operating in their digital businesses is the Seller Portal. Connected to the marketplace, this portal is a management panel that brings significant advantages for sellers and e-commerce platform administrators. Below are the main benefits derived from the features of the Seller Portal: Performance Monitoring and Evaluation: Marketplace administrators can track and evaluate vendors' performance in real-time. This allows them to identify partners who are excelling and provides an opportunity to build a strong reputation in sales. Identification of Trustworthy Sellers: The Marketplace Seller Portal allows companies to identify and promote the most trustworthy and high-performing vendors on their platforms. This contributes to creating an environment of trust and security for consumers. Autonomy for Sellers: With the Vurdere Portal, sellers can manage their own product and service reviews. This eases the burden on the marketplace's Customer Service department and allows vendors to directly handle issues related to their sales. Access to Strategic Data: The Portal provides sellers with important information about the quality of customer service and the performance of their products. These insights help vendors make more informed decisions to improve their operations. Consumer Interaction and Experience: With access to featured product data, sellers can create more effective interactions with consumers, making the shopping experience more satisfying and attractive. By using the Seller Portal, a client in the sports articles segment was able to enhance transparency, agility, and assertiveness in the communication between sellers and customers. This improvement was a determining factor in achieving up to a 20% increase in the conversion rate of sellers' product pages, along with a significant reduction in response time to customers, reaching three times faster. Based on the evidence, it is essential to note that after implementing Vurdere's innovative solutions, such as the Seller Portal, companies can further boost their e-commerce activities by providing a secure, reliable, and customizable marketplace for their sellers, business partners, and customers. Therefore, if you believe in the importance of a marketplace for the growth and success of your e-commerce, come and get to know Vurdere and discover how we can help you boost your business, open new market opportunities, enhance your company's reputation, and provide an exceptional experience to your customers.

  • Nudges in E-commerce: Increasing Value Proposition and Influencing Consumer Behavior

    In recent years, we have witnessed an exponential growth in online shopping, mainly driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions imposed on physical commerce have led consumers to seek alternatives, and the digital environment has emerged as the primary solution. Convenience, practicality, and the ability to shop anytime and anywhere have attracted more and more people to e-commerce. This significant change in consumer behavior has redefined the way companies need to approach their sales strategies. Consumer as a Decision Maker In this sense, it is important to remember that previously, brand loyalty was a predominant factor for many customers who remained loyal to certain companies regardless of other available options. However, the abundance of information and easy access to experiences shared by other customers have brought about a new approach. Today, consumers have become more informed decision-makers who trust the opinions of other buyers before making their choices. Specifically, concerning e-commerce, these opinions are identified through customer reviews and recommendations, which can be seen and shared by millions of people in a matter of seconds. The impact of this engagement is so strong that a positive review can significantly boost sales, while a negative review can deter potential buyers. Thus, feedback has become a key factor in the buying decision process, challenging companies to focus on continuous improvement of their products/services and, especially, the user shopping experience. In this context of changing consumer behavior, behavioral economics emerges as a valuable approach to understanding how people make purchasing decisions. Unlike the traditional view of consumers as entirely rational beings, behavioral economics considers emotional, cognitive, and social factors that influence their choices. Nudges, for example, are interventions that subtly and non-intrusively influence consumers' decisions toward a desired choice. In e-commerce, they can be strategically applied to enhance the customer experience and increase the value proposition offered by the company. Increasing E-commerce Value Proposition with Nudges As the use of choice architecture increases the value of a company by positively influencing consumer behavior, Vurdere, with its social interaction approach, strategically utilizes nudges in its features, such as Social+Reviews™ and Social+Expressions™. In the case of Social+Reviews™, the application of artificial intelligence to prioritize relevant and trustworthy reviews for each buyer increases transparency, agility, and customer satisfaction. With Social+Expressions™, Vurdere allows customers to interact with each other and express their opinions on products through "I Want" and "I Have" buttons. This creates a collaborative environment where consumers share their shopping experiences and influence the decision-making of other buyers. In this way, through the strategic use of nudges derived from Vurdere's innovative solutions, it is evident that interaction and collaboration among customers create a sense of community, making e-commerce more attractive and reliable for new consumers. Additionally, reviews and reactions to acquired products/services result in greater customer satisfaction and, consequently, an increase in the company's value proposition in the market. Below is a summary of the main results obtained after the strategic use of nudges from the Vurdere platform: Based on these facts, it is clear that the intelligent application of nudges is a contributing factor to driving the success of companies in an increasingly competitive digital environment oriented by consumer behavior.

  • How NPS can boost the success of your e-commerce with the help of Vurdere.

    In the current highly competitive e-commerce landscape, providing an excellent customer experience is crucial for the success of any business. In this challenging environment, it is important to highlight that the Net Promoter Score (NPS) stands out as one of the most effective metrics for measuring and improving customer satisfaction. In this article, we will discuss the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and explore its benefits when applied to online commerce, particularly with the support provided by the services of the Vurdere platform. So, what is NPS? Before we delve into the discussion, let's briefly unfold the metric that will be addressed. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a quantitative metric that aims to measure customer loyalty and the likelihood of recommendation towards a company, product, or service. This metric is calculated based on a simple question: "On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our company/product/service?" Based on each response and rating, customers are classified into three different groups: detractors (0 to 6), neutrals (7 to 8), and promoters (9 to 10). These groups allow companies to identify areas for improvement and take actions to enhance the customer experience and, most importantly, boost the brand. Vurdere and Net Promoter Score (NPS) Considering the above, we have seen that calculating the Net Promoter Score (NPS) enables companies to assess the level of satisfaction among their customers. These evaluations, however, gain even more significance when companies establish partnerships aligned with innovative solutions like those provided by Vurdere. With Vurdere and its highly accurate email triggers and follow-ups strategy, companies can obtain and track direct feedback from customers in an agile, automated, and personalized manner. Through this innovative approach to NPS collection, Vurdere delivers a high response rate from customers, generating valuable insights for organizations that can be used to drive continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and e-commerce success. Benefits of NPS collection with Vurdere A) Agility, Automation, and Flexibility: With Vurdere, companies have the ability to automate the entire NPS collection process according to their specific needs and strategies, including the freedom to define the waiting days before sending the emails. This allows surveys to be sent timely and strategically after purchases, ensuring the collection of feedback at the ideal timing. B) Applied Artificial Intelligence: In its administrative dashboard, Vurdere's AI automatically categorizes reviews based on their content, enabling faster and more accurate analysis and the collection of important insights that help identify areas for continuous process improvement. C) Seller NPS in Marketplaces: In Vurdere, in addition to evaluating the product and the shopping experience in e-commerce, consumers also have the opportunity to evaluate their experience with each seller within the marketplace. This tool is essential to understand the best sellers for your marketplace and establish improvement actions for those who perform below expectations. D) Efficiency, Results, and Visual Impact: After thorough and extensive testing, Vurdere stands out for designing and providing an extremely accurate email template, aiming to ensure the best performance in terms of open rates and conversions. Moreover, the emails have visually appealing designs that align with the organization's identity, increasing the likelihood of higher participation and engagement in NPS collections. Conclusion By conducting NPS collection through Vurdere, companies not only gather customer feedback but also find it easier to analyze and diagnose areas for improvement to enhance the consumer experience. This improved experience, measured by NPS, results in higher engagement, satisfaction, repeat purchases, and ultimately increases the Lifetime Value (LTV) as customers become advocates and influencers of the brand for other consumers. Given these facts, it is evident that Vurdere, in addition to its innovative approach to social interaction, offers the necessary features and solutions to enhance the customer experience, strengthen the brand reputation, and drive e-commerce growth. If, like us, you believe that the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an important metric to drive the success of your e-commerce, we invite you to explore Vurdere. Together, we can elevate customer satisfaction, build a solid base of brand advocates, and achieve new levels of success.

  • CASE: Vurdere & CentralAr

    The online market is becoming increasingly competitive, and it is crucial for stores to adopt techniques to stand out. The case of CentralAr is an example of this. Despite being a leader and reference in the air conditioning sales segment, with over 33 years of experience, the company still faced challenges and needed an increase in sales, as well as an improvement in its review platform and customer service. It was for this reason that, in early 2022, CentralAr entered into a partnership with Vurdere, which has been a success ever since. History of the Partnership "We were looking for a modern and technological tool that would combine good usability for customers to write reviews and bring more engagement and visibility to new audiences, instilling confidence in those browsing the website. When reading a review, they should feel represented by the content, helping them make a decision to purchase the product. We decided to partner with Vurdere due to the trust conveyed by their sales and technical team throughout the negotiation and presentation of features and functionalities. We were also aligned with Vurdere's vision for future technological advancements, as well as the integration with the customer's social network. We started the partnership by implementing the Social Expressions and Social Reviews tools. These tools not only allow customers to evaluate the purchased product and ask questions, which we can directly answer within the platform but also enable them to mark that they already own or would like to own the product. All of this is seamlessly integrated with their social network, where the algorithm identifies other customers with similar profiles browsing the same product and displays recommendations with the closest match. The implementation of these tools was transparent to the user, without any issues that hindered the project's progress. Moreover, the Vurdere technical team was extremely efficient from start to finish. The experience provided by Vurdere, involving comments and reviews within the social network, generates great engagement and security for customers. It highlights the strengths of each product and the customer's experience with We have been in partnership for almost two years now, and it is impressive how Vurdere always seeks to innovate, improve the tools, and present these improvements in a simple and clear manner to us. It is also worth noting that their result presentations are very effective in showcasing the progress of reviews, comments, and customer engagement, all accompanied by excellent customer service!"– Pedro Augusto Lopes | Innovation Coordinator Vurdere Solutions With the aim of improving the user experience and boosting online sales, Vurdere then implemented its solutions on the CentralAr platform. These solutions have the primary goal of creating an engaged community within their brand and leveraging sales through Social Feeling. The implemented solutions were: Social expressions: The ideal space for customers to share their reviews and interact with each other was created. It includes a simple registration process, buttons with desire reactions to showcase social proof, and displays likes and common interests among users. Social reviews: Users make better purchasing choices when they find relevant reviews from people they know or who have similar tastes. Social Reviews displays user reviews prioritized by AI for each buyer, ensuring that they have access to the most relevant and personalized feedback. Social Displays: People tend to embrace suggestions from automation tools that understand their preferences and buying patterns. Social Displays showcases personalized product recommendations for each buyer, utilizing advanced AI. techniques to increase cross-selling and upselling opportunities on your product page. Social SEO: By increasing interactions and traffic to your store, you can elevate your brand to the top of search engines. Social Ring: Online shoppers seek security, and sellers need to provide it. Ensure a smooth and efficient purchasing process by cross-referencing reviews from other e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and sellers of the same product. This helps build trust and reassurance for customers. Results Engagement With the start of the partnership, CentralAr began to observe the benefits of the Vurdere solution on its platform, particularly in terms of user engagement. In the first month of the partnership, Vurdere successfully attracted a significant number of new users to the CentralAr website. Since then, CentralAr has experienced continuous growth in acquiring new customers, as shown in the graph below. The above graph illustrates the impressive increase in the number of users acquired by CentralAr since the beginning of the partnership with Vurdere. We can observe a steady month-to-month growth, highlighting the power of social proof and engagement generated by implementing Vurdere's solutions. As more users are attracted to the platform, more reviews and interactions are generated. This results in a positive cycle of increasing customer confidence, influencing their purchasing decisions, and encouraging other users to share their experiences. These interactions between "Users x Company" enrich the customer experience by providing valuable information for prospective buyers and reinforcing CentralAr's reputation in the air conditioning market. The success of this partnership demonstrates the positive impact of Vurdere's solutions in driving user engagement, generating more authentic reviews, and creating a trustworthy environment for online shopping. With continuous growth and an increasingly engaged customer base, CentralAr continues to reap the benefits of social proof and the steady increase in reviews and reactions on the platform. Conversion Regarding conversion, the following data was captured from October 2022 to March 2023, demonstrating the effectiveness of the successful partnership between Vurdere and CentralAr. CentralAr achieved a return on investment (ROI) of 521 times. The incremental revenue represented by Vurdere accounted for 10.29%. Additionally, customers who interact with Vurdere have an average conversion rate 2.16 times higher than those who do not engage with the tool. Vurdere is accessed in 11.55% of the sessions on the CentralAr online store. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the Vurdere solution in improving conversion rates in CentralAr's online store and highlights its significance in the consumer's purchasing decision. Conclusion In summary, Vurdere's solutions can significantly influence the conversion rate of online stores, increasing customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value (LTV). CentralAr is an example of how implementing these solutions can leverage results for e-commerce companies. Below is a summary of the key figures achieved by Vurdere in partnership with CentralAr: By selecting the right solutions and implementing them strategically, companies can better meet the needs and expectations of their customers and gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing market. If you want to follow in the footsteps of CentralAr, improving the customer experience in your online store and achieving a significant increase in your conversion rate, click here and request a demo.

  • Vurdere Raises an Additional 150 Thousand Euros in Supplementary Seed Round to Boost its Expansion

    Follow-on from investors includes 87Labs, Core Angels Atlantic members, and Collider members, among others. Vurdere will focus on accelerating revenue with solutions for marketplace sellers and expanding the Social Suite on the Shopify platform. Vurdere, an innovative social engagement platform for e-commerce, announced the raising of an additional 150 thousand euros in a supplementary Seed round following the previous round of 500 thousand euros, thanks to the follow-on from its investors. Among the key investors participating in this phase are 87Labs ( from Brazil, Raphael Avellar and Gerard de Roure, partners at Venture Builder - Adventures.Inc., Julian Tonioli, founder of Consultoria, Donato Ramos, former CEO of Grupo Único and partner at Orla Ventures, Michel Mellis, former director at Unilever in the Netherlands, as well as new investors such as Frans Appels and Annegien Bloekpoel from, and Luis Henrique Vasconcelos and Alex Vieira Pinto from Core Angels Atlantic in Portugal. Born in Brazil, Vurdere relocated its headquarters to the Netherlands in 2021, strengthening its global positioning and expanding the reach of its innovative services. The company has experienced remarkable growth since the previous round, which motivated the realization of this supplementary round. With an impressive five-fold growth in monthly revenue, Vurdere plans to use the recently raised funds to accelerate revenue with its solution for marketplace sellers on Mercado Livre and to increase the distribution capacity of the Social Suite on the Shopify platform. Daniel Pisano, co-founder of Vurdere, commented on the expansion and future plans of the company: "We are extremely excited about the expansion in Europe, particularly in Portugal and Spain. However, it was the Brazilian market that developed surprisingly fast. The use of distribution channels will be a key strategy for us this year. The ongoing support from our investors is a strong endorsement of our vision and ability to execute ambitious growth plans." Vurdere has continued to experience rapid growth in its customer base, with a six-fold increase from 2022 to 2023. This includes the addition of four new clients among the largest marketplaces in Brazil. This positive trend demonstrates the value and impact of Vurdere's social engagement solutions in the e-commerce market. About Vurdere: At Vurdere, we connect buyers with similar interests to the products and services they love. Originally founded in Brazil in 2018, we relocated our headquarters to the Netherlands in 2021 to strengthen our global presence. We combine our passion for behavioral theory, online commerce, and Artificial Intelligence to offer a unique social engagement platform to our clients, resulting in increased organic website traffic, revenue growth, more reviews, and better content. We have already impacted over 8 million people with the Vurdere experience. Our clients include Centauro, Drogasil, Evino, Grupo Único, Basf, Midea, Embelleze, among others.

  • Vurdere and the Current Scenario of Brazilian Retail

    Scenario of Brazilian Retail The Brazilian retail sector is going through a significant crisis, which has affected renowned companies and generated profound impacts in the industry. Lojas Americanas, Tok Stok, Amaro, Riachuelo, Marisa, Renner, and Livraria Cultura are just a few of the companies facing financial difficulties, resulting in store closures and reduced operations. However, these companies are not alone in this challenging situation. The Brazilian commerce as a whole needs to rethink its business models to adapt to market changes. The crisis in the Brazilian retail sector has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a devastating impact across the industry. The temporary closure of commercial establishments, the decrease in customer traffic, and the restrictions imposed by social distancing measures have resulted in significant revenue losses. Many companies have struggled to cover high operational costs and, as a result, have been forced to downsize or cease their activities. Furthermore, there has been a disruption in the production and logistics chain, making the recovery of the retail sector even more challenging. Disruptions in supply chains, scarcity of raw materials, and logistical issues have impacted product availability on shelves and hindered companies' ability to efficiently meet consumer demands. Another factor that has negatively affected Brazilian retail companies is the fierce competition from foreign online sales websites. These sites offer a wide variety of products at lower prices than those practiced in Brazil, attracting consumers in search of better deals. This unfair competition has further complicated the survival of national companies, which face challenges in terms of price competitiveness and product variety. In addition to the challenges faced by retail companies, there is also a widespread distrust in the financial market. The high interest rates practiced in Brazil make loans a costly option for companies, making it difficult to access working capital and investments needed to drive growth. Investor and creditor mistrust regarding the financial health of retail companies also makes it harder to obtain financial support. These various factors combined have created a complex and challenging scenario for Brazilian retail companies. To overcome these obstacles and thrive, it is crucial for companies to adopt internal improvement strategies, rethink their business models, seek viable financing alternatives, and explore innovative solutions that can boost their performance in the market. How Companies Can Stand Out in the Current Scenario In the face of this challenging scenario, companies need to seek internal improvements to stand out and ensure their survival in the Brazilian retail market. Some key points that companies should consider are: A) Adaptation to the new consumer behavior: With the pandemic, consumer behavior has changed significantly, with an increase in online shopping and a preference for personalized experiences. Companies should invest in e-commerce strategies and technologies that provide a seamless, convenient, and secure online shopping experience. The growth of e-commerce and the shift in consumer behavior have directly impacted retail companies, requiring the adoption of efficient online sales strategies. B) Enhancement of the customer experience: The customer experience is a crucial competitive differentiator in the retail market. Companies should seek ways to offer a unique and personalized shopping experience from pre-sale to post-sale. This may include investments in staff training, implementation of loyalty programs, adoption of flexible return policies, and customization of offers based on customer data. C) Optimization of the supply chain: An efficient and agile supply chain is essential to ensure product availability and fast delivery to customers. Companies should seek strategic partnerships with reliable suppliers, implement efficient inventory management systems, and invest in tracking and logistics technologies to optimize storage, distribution, and delivery processes. The disruption of the production and logistics chain makes it challenging for the retail sector to recover, making the optimization of these processes essential. D) Technological innovation: Technological innovation is a powerful ally in the current Brazilian retail scenario. Companies should stay abreast of technological trends such as artificial intelligence, process automation, data analysis, and the Internet of Things (IoT), and find ways to apply these technologies in their operations. This can bring benefits such as improved operational efficiency, cost optimization, personalized offers, and more informed strategic decision-making. To tackle the challenges of the current Brazilian retail scenario, it is crucial for companies to be open to change and quickly adapt to market transformations. Additionally, partnering with strategic allies such as Vurdere can be a differentiating factor to drive business recovery and growth. Vurdere offers innovative solutions, assisting companies in identifying opportunities, optimizing processes, improving the customer experience, and achieving positive results in a highly competitive environment. By adopting solid strategies and partnering with specialized companies, Brazilian retail companies have the possibility to overcome current challenges, stand out in the market, and build a promising future. It is time to rethink, innovate, and take action to achieve success in the Brazilian retail industry. Vurdere, Seller's Portal We are a company specialized in solutions for the retail sector, offering a comprehensive platform that brings several benefits to businesses in the industry. By using Vurdere's Portal do Seller, retail companies like Centauro, Imaginarium, and Midea can enjoy significant advantages that drive their businesses and contribute to success in the market. Value Proposition, Portal do Seller Reduction of operational costs: One of the main advantages of Vurdere's platform is the reduction of operational costs for retail companies. Through process automation, integration with marketplaces, and centralized information, companies can optimize their operations, eliminate manual tasks, and reduce unnecessary expenses related to their e-commerce. This results in greater operational efficiency and significant savings in financial resources. Social interaction and engagement: Vurdere's Portal do Seller offers a solution to low engagement and lack of interaction between Sellers and their customers on marketplaces. Through the platform, companies can directly engage with their customers, answer technical questions, provide detailed product information, and improve the shopping experience. This social engagement leads to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, strengthening the brand's reputation and differentiating retail companies in a competitive market. Improvement in content quality: Vurdere enables the creation of richer and more relevant content on Product Detail Pages (PDP). With detailed information, technical responses, and comments from Sellers, companies can offer a more comprehensive product description, clarify customer doubts, and provide a broader view of what is being offered. This results in better indexing in search engines, increasing visibility and attractiveness of products for customers. Performance monitoring and metrics: Through the Portal do Seller, companies have access to metrics and detailed data on the performance of their products, sales, and customer service. This allows for precise performance analysis, identifying improvement opportunities, and adjusting sales strategies. With clear and real-time updated information, companies can make informed decisions and direct their efforts to areas of greater impact. Brand strengthening and differentiation: By using Vurdere's platform, retail companies can strengthen their presence on marketplaces and stand out amidst the competition. Direct engagement with customers, offering personalized service, providing detailed information, and sharing relevant content contribute to building a solid reputation and brand differentiation. This results in increased sales conversion, revenue, and the achievement of a prominent position in the market. In conclusion, Vurdere brings a series of significant benefits to retail companies. By utilizing the Portal do Seller, companies can reduce operational costs, promote social interaction with customers, improve content quality, monitor their performance, and strengthen their brand. These advantages are essential for facing the challenges of the current retail market and ensuring growth and success in the industry. By relying on Vurdere's comprehensive and efficient platform, retail companies can boost their results and achieve new levels of excellence.

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